does “salt frost” appear on the tooling?

1n late July, the sun is scorching and the summer is hot. At the construction site of Songyang passenger transport comprehensive service center, the staff are in the hot sun and are stepping up the construction in an orderly manner to promote the project construction

in the muggy construction site, workers walk back and forth for a few steps, and the beany sweat will flow down” 1t’s not hot to do this, but it can’t delay the progress. ” Clay worker Yu wubin’s face was flushed by the sun. “1f you wet the towel and hang it around your neck, it will dry in a few minutes. Even the wooden shovel on your hand is hot.” Because of the hot weather, the tooling on the body was wet and dry, dry and wet, and there were layers of white “salt frost”

because of sweating, clothes have layers of white salt frost

high temperature baking, outdoor work is prone to heatstroke. Therefore, the construction party also adopts the “staggered construction method” to avoid the high temperature period to ensure the construction safety. Chen Junlan, the project director representative of the county passenger transport comprehensive service center, said: the project department has purchased many heatstroke prevention drugs and Dragon Boat Festival tea for high temperature days and provided them to workers free of charge every day. Up to now, the main building of the passenger station of the project has been basically completed, and the construction of the outer wall of the automobile parking and maintenance center has been completed

it is understood that the project is a key project at the provincial level, with a total estimated investment of 426.6 million yuan and a total land area of 186 mu. 1t is built according to the standards of first-class bus passenger station and first-class urban bus hub station, integrating the departure of long-distance passenger buses across counties and above and urban and rural passenger buses. The project started construction at the end of 2014, and the construction period is planned to be 5 years

the construction of the relocation project of Gushi hospital in Songyang county is not closed. At the construction site, the painters followed the cable and hung high up on the 7th floor. From a distance, they looked like “Spider Man”. Until they landed, they found that their vests had been soaked with sweat. Ma Zhishun, the person in charge of the project, said that working at height is the most difficult. Therefore, while doing a good job in high temperature protection, he also told the workers to work away from the sun as far as possible

in 2017, of the 40 key construction projects in Songyang County, 12 are newly started, and 5 have been started. 1n addition, the extension project of the second phase of the county sewage treatment plant, the Dongyangguan tourist resort, the Huangnan reservoir project, and the Songyang section of quning railway are also in orderly progress

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