does the company issue you an anti haze mask? Couriers may become a high risk group of lung cancer in China

1n the daytime of December 25, there was mild to moderate haze in Beijing, and the haze yellow warning was still in effect; Affected by the cold air at night, the haze will weaken and dissipate, and Beijing will usher in the last snowfall in 2016

the haze turns to light snow, which reminds Xiaobian of a large-scale and continuous haze sweeping across many parts of the country a few days ago

from December 16 to 21, China experienced the most intense haze weather this year. Among them, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other cities have appeared PM2.5 concentration “explosion”, even in some areas PM2.5 concentration reached 500-1000 μ g / m3

Logistics people who stick to the haze

for ordinary people, the biggest impact of the haze weather may be the inconvenience of travel, but for couriers and takeaway people who run in the front line all the year round, the haze brings about physical injury

investigation: haze and lung cancer

“the furthest distance in the world is not life and death, but 1 hold your hand, but 1 can’t see you.”

“red police”, no one can escape the threat of haze. The relationship between haze and cancer has naturally become the most concerned topic

1. Lung cancer has become the “number one killer” in Beijing

because haze contains a large number of pollutants and pathogenic microorganisms, it can cause strong stimulation to human respiratory tract and easily lead to a variety of respiratory diseases, such as common rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma, etc. What’s more, it can also cause airway diseases to spread to the lungs, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and even lung cancer

according to the cancer data released by Beijing Health Planning Commission, the highest incidence rate of cancer in Beijing is lung cancer, second is colorectal cancer, and third is gastric cancer. 1n the past ten years, the incidence rate of lung cancer in Beijing has increased by more than 40%. Br / >
according to the survey, there are about 3.12 million new cancer cases in China every year, with an average of 8550 people diagnosed every day. Six people are diagnosed with cancer every minute, and one person is diagnosed in 10 seconds on average. There ar2.7 million cancer deaths every year. The incidence rate of lung cancer in Beijing increased by 43% over the past ten years. Br / >

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