does wearing a mask have protective effect? Don’t be naive!

Do you make it? 1f the protective mask is not suitable for you, it is equivalent to another way to inhale haze and dust. The mask is a vital gatekeeper when we breathe. You should be more careful when choosing the mask in the haze season! There are many kinds of masks on the market. Which one is the most suitable one? Today, 1’d like to talk about this “suitable thing” ~

first of all, let’s take a scientific test to let you know how important “suitable” is

a scientific and simple fitness test fully shows that only wearing a mask suitable for oneself can truly receive all-round respiratory protection. Some little friends may have questions? 1f 1 don’t have professional testing equipment, how can 1 know if the mask is suitable for me? You don’t have to worry too much. You might as well try this simple and easy-to-use mask test. Now pick up your protective mask and you will know if it is suitable for you

find the dew point of the mask:

1. Put some water on the area where the mask fits on the face

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