Domestic PPE enterprises can’t wait any longer!

1n the labor insurance industry, there is a special phenomenon, which is also domestic labor insurance products. Why is the “international brand” well-known and good sales? There are numerous examples of foreign brands seeking OEM in China. The greatest Apple company also relies on Foxconn to make the world-famous Apple brand to a large extent. But we have Huawei for mobile phones. What about labor protection products

it’s also domestic production, but it’s just replaced with “international brand”, and it’s accepted and trusted by the market unconditionally. 1 don’t know whether it’s the honor of domestic labor insurance production and processing enterprises, or the sorrow of national brand of labor insurance products! 1t’s false to say that enterprises are indifferent. There are too many production enterprises taking rejuvenating the national brand as their own responsibility and constantly trying to develop innovative products. However, our awakening is not thorough enough! As the saying goes, if you know yourself and the enemy, you will win a hundred battles. What is the cause of this phenomenon?! We can see something from the discussions of the practitioners

Zhao Wei, general manager of Shanghai sailite Safety Products Co., Ltd., Zou Kai, general manager of Shanghai Xima Shoes Co., Ltd., and Zhu Guoqing, deputy general manager of Shanghai Baoya safety equipment Co., Ltd., all believe that China’s adjustment of GDP growth rate will not affect the market development of labor protection products, but will bring rare opportunities to the labor protection industry. The state pays more and more attention to the occupational safety and health of workers, and the increasing supervision will significantly promote the labor protection work of enterprises. The market of protective articles will be further expanded, and good products will gain more market share in the competition. Zhao Jinbao, general manager of Jiangsu Yangzhong moulded shoes Factory Co., Ltd. and President of Yangzhong labor protection association, said that over the years, the sales of many labor protection products of the company and the local area have increased greatly, and the production has reached a new level year by year. He has full confidence in the future development

nevertheless, the development of domestic enterprises engaged in the production and operation of personal protective equipment is still not optimistic

some people have proposed: why do many enterprises think of famous international brands produced by foreign-funded enterprises as soon as they buy protective equipment? Why can’t domestic products with similar quality and even surpassing international brands in some aspects, export for many years and relatively low price compete with them? This problem has aroused the thinking of the industry

Chen Haida, Secretary General of safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association, believes that compared with international well-known companies, there are historical and practical reasons for the backwardness and deficiency of domestic enterprises, and the gap is manifested in various aspects. Because there is no brand, many domestic enterprises can only “work” for international brands. 1n fact, many international brands are mostly produced in China. He also pointed out that changes have emerged, which are reflected in the fact that some domestic enterprises have developed new products and have a place in the international market competition, such as dust masks produced by Shanghai Gangkai purification products Co., Ltd., various gloves produced by Shanghai sailite Safety Products Co., Ltd., and many safety helmet products

then, how can we improve the level of domestic labor protection industry as a whole? 1ndustry experts have come up with their own answers

“solve the problems of innovation, standards, talents and integrity”, Li Yunyang, manager of the labor protection products branch of Chongqing Department Store Co., Ltd., said that almost all domestic PPE enterprises are at the bottom of the industrial chain, small but not strong, and have not created their own brand, which is difficult to change in a short time. He urged that domestic PPE enterprises should transform as soon as possible< According to Li Yunyang, domestic enterprises must transform into technological innovation enterprises. He analyzed that most domestic manufacturers of protective articles are small and medium-sized enterprises, and some are micro enterprises. 1t is almost impossible for them to stand in the forefront of science and technology, and they can only take the road of "specialization, refinement, specialty and innovation". On the basis of learning and introducing foreign technology, these enterprises can strengthen digestion and absorption, carry out re innovation, and constantly promote the technological transformation of enterprises. After summing up the experience of dealing with large international companies for many years, Li Yunyang believes that China's protective equipment manufacturers lack of service for users, which is an obvious weakness. Therefore, they must change to service-oriented manufacturing enterprises. He said that the service work of 3M and other international well-known companies in the United States is worth learning from Chinese enterprises. He also pointed out that China's enterprises must change to domestic and export enterprises, relying entirely on the mode of export, which has already learned a lesson. Domestic sales, but also learn from foreign management methods and sales methods, to better develop the domestic market Wang Wanqi, who has been the head of China personal protective equipment magazine for a long time, has a better understanding of the changes of China’s protective equipment manufacturers in recent years. He pointed out that domestic labor protection production and operation enterprises must break through the four bottlenecks of innovation, standards, talents and integrity to achieve a great leap forward. For some small enterprises, we can engage in integrated innovation and joint innovation. 1n the process of improving enterprise product standards, enterprise alliance standards can be set up and gradually become national standards after practice. He also reminded enterprises to pay attention to the cultivation of talents who can participate in the formulation of standards and understand the common sense of new product identification, so as to facilitate the long-term development of enterprises

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