Domestic protective products are comparable to international brands

Under the background that our country pays more and more attention to labor protection, how many excellent domestic enterprises of labor protection products have grown up these years, and whether there are domestic brands that can compete with international brands? 1n the second half of 2013, the labor protection professional committee of China Association for work safety released the results of the evaluation of the top 50 labor protection enterprises and the product user satisfaction survey. The results show that domestic labor protection products have developed rapidly in recent years, which is not inferior to international brands< The top 50 enterprises are selected from more than 1000 labor protection products enterprises in China Liu xurong, Secretary General of labor protection professional committee of China Association of work safety, said in order to eliminate the disadvantages of some pre evaluation, the Committee adheres to several principles: first, it does not charge any form of fees to enterprises; second, it does not require products to have safety signs of special labor protection articles; third, it is not a condition for enterprises to join the Committee. The important basis for the shortlist of the top 50 is the average sales of the enterprise in recent three years. Many people are convinced by the results of this evaluation and survey because they refuse to “tackle key problems” and lobby at no cost compared with foreign-funded enterprises, “the announcement of top 50 enterprises, to a certain extent, subverts people’s views on domestic protective equipment manufacturers.” Some people in the industry said so the top 50 companies are Honeywell life safety group of the United States, and the following companies, up to more than 20 companies, are all domestic. Such as Zhejiang Seine group, Hebi Feihe Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Lantian Garment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xima Shoes Co., which ranks 18th, had nearly 100 million yuan of sales last year. Some of the top enterprises have annual sales of more than 100 million yuan or several hundred million yuan surprisingly, there are only three well-known foreign-funded enterprises in the top 50: one is in the first place, one is in more than 20, and the other is even behind in terms of products, among the top 50 enterprises, there are more than a dozen enterprises producing safety shoes, protective clothing and general work clothes, and some enterprises have large overseas sales. 1n terms of the location of enterprises, there are more enterprises in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, with about 10 in each. 1n the western region, except for one enterprise in Shaanxi, no other enterprise was selected dare to call for Chinese brands in the user satisfaction survey, the products of most of the top 50 enterprises have been highly praised< "Compared with the past, domestic enterprises have begun to pay attention to brand maintenance, which is a significant progress, but the work in this area needs to be strengthened. We should dare to call out Chinese brands," said Chen Hong, chairman of Guangzhou Q1AOYOU labor protection special supply Co., Ltd., who has a business history of several decades our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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