Domestic sales of Wenzhou shoe enterprises declined in the first half of the year

in the first half of this year, the overall situation of domestic shoes in Wenzhou is not optimistic, because the domestic shoes in Wenzhou are affected by many factors. 1n the end, they have a good start, but the end is embarrassed by inventory. Recently, the author visited the main shoe industry concentration areas in Wenzhou, and investigated the trend of domestic shoes in Wenzhou in the first half of this year

there are not only domestic shoe enterprises in Wenzhou, such as Kangnai, Aokang and red dragonfly, but also foreign trade enterprises represented by Dongyi, Dibang and Jindi. 1n addition, there are many domestic enterprises in Wenzhou Economic Development Zone and shoe capital industrial park. 1n these areas, the production of men’s shoes enterprises accounted for more, followed by women’s shoes enterprises. After years of development, Lucheng District, economic development zone, shoe capital industrial zone and Oubei have gradually formed important production bases of Wenzhou men’s shoes. The men’s shoes produced in these production bases have been recognized and accepted by the outside world in terms of product development, quality and price. Therefore, in the first half of the year, the domestic enterprises in these regions directly decided the trend of Wenzhou domestic shoes market

however, the author also noticed that the enterprises that really did well in the first half of this year not only had good product sales, but also their product quality was praised by customers. Some enterprises’ products were in short supply, such as Aokang, red dragonfly, ritai, red straw hat, spider king and so on; Jierda, Dongyi, duoerkang, Shunsheng and other shoe industries in the economic development zone; Lucheng District of Kangnai, Juri, Huangmei, Hongshun, huanniao and other shoe industry< 1n the first half of this year, there was an enterprise producing men's sandals in Lucheng District. 1n the first half of this year, only 80000 pairs of shoes were produced, but the inventory reached more than 20000 pairs. There is a medium-sized enterprise with two cold gluing lines. 1n the first half of the year, it produced more than 400000 pairs of children's shoes, and the inventory has overstocked nearly 50000 pairs. 1f the previous inventory is included, it has nearly 80000 pairs. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, as it was approaching the end of April, the customer's feedback was still very normal. However, only a few days later, the domestic market suddenly quieted down, so that the enterprise was dragged down by inventory before it had time to change its production plan. For domestic women's shoes manufacturers, although they did not encounter the pressure of inventory, the overall output still declined compared with previous years. However, when the economy tends to recover, good news has also come from Wenzhou shoes industry. A group of excellent Wenzhou women's shoes enterprises have united to establish a professional platform and actively expand the market. Affected by the slow economic recovery, Wenzhou women's shoes enterprises have had a hard time in the first half of this year. Since June and July, with the arrival of autumn and winter shoes development season, Wenzhou women's shoes enterprises have also begun to pick up. The enterprises are in good working condition, and some enterprises have begun to recruit workers to expand their production scale. For the enterprises that make PVC injection shoes with continuous upper, it is an opportunity period for product upgrading and sustainable development, but at the same time, we should pay attention to the follow-up risks, because from the end of last year to the first half of this year, the new equipment of the enterprise exceeded the expectation, and with the original equipment, the follow-up development of domestic PVC injection shoes with continuous upper needs to be evaluated in the interview, the author was greatly surprised that the output of men’s shoes enterprises with a certain scale all increased this year, and the growth rate varied with the factories. The growth rate of one enterprise was more than 40%. Although this enterprise also faced the problem of overstocking, the inventory quantity was not as exaggerated as the external rumors. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, other people think that the domestic market in the first half of this year is not very good, but he thinks it is a rare development opportunity according to the author’s understanding, there are three main reasons for the large inventory of domestic shoes in Wenzhou this year: first, there was a backlog of goods in the market before; Second, all the enterprises strive to increase their output, resulting in inventory; Third, affected by the weather, shoe sales fell sharply. Wenzhou Foreign Trade shoes market is unpredictable, the domestic market competition is fierce, the production cost increases greatly and the profit shrinks greatly, is still many shoes enterprises must face the problem. 1f an enterprise wants to survive and develop in the crisis, it has to wait for the dead and seek the way of change

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