Domestic shoe enterprises should be cautious about the rising temperature trend of outdoor market

in recent years, with the continuous warming of outdoor sports market, more and more outdoor brands at home and abroad have been competing in China’s outdoor products market. Wise Quanzhou shoes and clothing enterprises also “smell” this business opportunity. Tianluntian, leden, MuLinSen outdoor, etc., or create their own outdoor brands, or act as an agent for international famous brands, set off a strong “outdoor wind”

recently, Adidas, the sporting goods giant, will lead its newly developed series of products into the US outdoor market, including shoes, clothing and accessories, including the terrex outdoor cross-country shoes, which appeared in Europe in 2009. According to people familiar with the matter, in order to help its outdoor products enter the U.S. market, adidas has designated three agents in key regions of the United States: bpassociates in the Midwest, hellaman group in the Rocky Mountains, and frontier Group sales in the northwest

compared with the market capacity of sports shoes of 60 billion, the outdoor shoes market is less than one tenth of it, but it is better to be a leader in the small market than a tail in the big market. At present, the retail price of sports shoes in China is about 200-300 yuan, while the production cost of outdoor walking shoes is about 400 yuan. 1n terms of production equipment and technology, there is no much difference between outdoor shoes and sports shoes, but in terms of profit margin, outdoor shoes are better than sports shoes. Perhaps because of this, shoe companies such as Delphi, Jinjiang Fuxin and Fujian ledeng have begun to test the outdoor shoe market

“single handed” is difficult to develop

in Jinjiang, at present, there are two types of outdoor enterprises in transition. One is the transformation from foreign trade. They have been engaged in the production of outdoor sports equipment and have rich experience in professional outdoor products; The other is the extension of local sports and leisure to the outdoor field, which may not know enough about the outdoor industry. The two are totally different in the development and processing capacity of outdoor products

without a group of mature R & D team and management talents, enterprises should not follow suit to develop professional outdoor products. Professional outdoor sportsmen have higher requirements for the technical strength of shoes and clothing. They not only need to be light and suitable for sports, but also have a variety of functions such as outdoor waterproof, ventilation, moisture absorption and perspiration, deodorization, anti ultraviolet and so on. 1f the functionality can not meet the requirements of outdoor sports equipment, the products will not only face unsalable, but also the brand may collapse< At present, many enterprises are diversified and enter the outdoor market. Now Jinjiang outdoor is taking the popular market route, that is, the concept of Pan outdoor, and the popular route needs a lot of money in advance to promote the brand and channel construction. 1n this way, we have to invest at least 30 million yuan in the first year, and we have to support the channels and brands in the second year. The capital demand is very large, but without additional investment in the second year, all previous achievements will be wasted. Without certain financial strength, it is impossible to play casually it is understood that a certain shoe enterprise in Jinjiang launched an outdoor brand last year. The early investment promotion was very successful, and the channels were spread in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country. However, due to the lack of funds this year, the product development could not follow up, and the agents had no goods to sell, so the enterprise was in trouble join hands with international brands to achieve a win-win situation “lack of technical support and blindly follow the trend of production lead to unsalable products of many enterprises.” 1. 1ntroduction from the industry. On the one hand, outdoor shoes and clothing have very high requirements on moisture absorption and perspiration, waterproof and antifouling of fabrics, which need upstream enterprises to provide strong support; On the other hand, in terms of R & D, there are not many domestic enterprises engaged in the production of functional footwear materials and fabrics for outdoor sports. The constraints of new materials and production processes have become a major bottleneck in the R & D of outdoor products “before the formation of the industrial chain, it is better for enterprises to cooperate with international outdoor sports giants than to consider creating their own brands.” The person in charge of Quanzhou shoes chamber of Commerce said that compared with the self created brands, the alliance of international brands can rapidly expand the market, and at the same time, it has more guarantee in brand appeal and product functions. 1n recent years, Colombia, osoka and other top international outdoor brands have been competing in the domestic market, which also gives the opportunity for footwear enterprises to cooperate with international outdoor brands in the outdoor products market, outdoor shoes account for about 30%. At present, the domestic outdoor shoes are generally divided into mountaineering shoes, hiking shoes, beach shoes, river tracing shoes, etc., while the foreign categories are more, such as golf shoes, sailing shoes, field boots, field engineering shoes, fashion outdoor shoes, etc. Many people think that a single shoe product is not enough to form a sales scale, so they either have a full range of clothing, shoes, backpacks and equipment, or they have to sell and process them. 1n fact, this is not the case. The annual sales of American outdoor brand cat single shoes are more than 400 million US dollars. Merrell, Timberland and other outdoor brands also focus on shoes, with annual sales of more than several hundred million US dollars. Crocs and Deckers are also shoe enterprises, with annual sales of 700 million US dollars for Crocs and 1.3 billion US dollars for Deckers. The number of categories is not the key to sales volume, which depends on the popularity of products

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