Don’t be confused by the appearance of shoes

As the saying goes, shoes are poor all over the world. No matter how fashionable and exquisite the clothes and accessories are, with a pair of out rustic shoes, the whole person suddenly looks out rustic. Whether a person is kind to himself or not depends on his shoes, because in the 24 hours of our day, more than half of the time is either standing or sitting. A suitable pair of shoes can protect our feet and make us comfortable in our work and life. And a pair of inappropriate shoes, it will be invisible harm to our foot health, and then affect the health of the whole person. Women who love beauty must not patronize the beautiful appearance of shoes, but ignore the damage to the body caused by a pair of shoes with only their appearance

the sole is the most easily overlooked part in the purchase of shoes, but the role of the sole can not be underestimated. 1n addition to antiskid, the pattern of sole also has the function of shockproof. Generally, women’s shoes with better workmanship often use diamond pattern and other high-grade anti-skid patterns. This kind of anti-skid shading not only has good anti-skid effect, but also can effectively disperse the vibration caused by walking on the arch of the foot, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the fatigue of the arch of the foot

anti smashing work shoes are one of the important protective articles with a wide range of uses. 1n the production or engineering site, the ground conditions are complex, and people are easy to be stabbed, slipped, shocked or injured by sharp objects. At this time, anti smashing work shoes are needed to provide protection. Many engineering and production sites require wearing anti smashing work shoes. The most basic thing is to choose qualified products. As anti smashing work shoes belong to special labor protection articles stipulated by the Safety Supervision Bureau, they are supervised by means of three certificates and one standard. Therefore, as long as they have three certificates and one standard, they are qualified, and can meet the basic functions of anti smashing and the special functions indicated in the instruction, 1f there is no anti smashing work shoes with three certificates and one mark, it means that they have not passed the approval of the Safety Supervision Bureau and can not be used in principle. Although some international brand products have foreign certification, according to domestic laws, they are still not allowed to be used if they have not registered with the Safety Supervision Bureau and obtained the labor safety mark issued by them, which is also unqualified in the law

all qualified anti smashing work shoes can meet the basic protection requirements, but different anti smashing work shoes have different targets to adapt to different requirements and environments. We choose anti smashing work shoes mainly focusing on the following requirements:

1) special performance requirements

if there are no special performance requirements, ordinary work positions can be protected, Only require anti smash, then use PU sole, light weight and soft, comfortable to wear

2) comfort

3) price

first of all, we need to position the main functional requirements. We can’t require all the functions at the same time, because sometimes the above performances can’t be provided at the same time, or even contradictory, such as insulation and anti-static functions, the requirements are completely opposite. Moreover, the more functions required, the lower the comfort and the higher the price

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