Don’t forget safety helmet and life jacket when drifting outdoors

Hot summer, many people choose outdoor rafting activities, in the pursuit of excitement, but also can feel a cool. However, in the process of rafting, some people think that they can swim without life jackets. 1n the face of the turbulent current, no matter how good their swimming skills are, it is inevitable that accidents will occur. Therefore, we have to be vigilant against such dangerous actions. Here, Hanzhong Fire Department of Shaanxi Province provides the masses with life jackets to participate in outdoor rafting activities in summer, so as to avoid accidents

in the process of drifting in summer, many people feel cumbersome to put on life jackets because of the hot weather, and it is not convenient to row, so they directly give up wearing life jackets; There are also some people who can swim and understand water. They don’t think it’s necessary to wear life jackets in the process of drifting. They think they can save themselves even if they fall into the water. Drifting in the turbulent River, the current speed is fast, the water wave is big, if you do not do safety protection measures, even people who can swim, will cause drowning accidents. Therefore, in the process of drifting, it is necessary to take preventive measures

before rafting, the life jacket, safety helmet and rafting shoes must be put on firmly, and they must not be loosened or removed on the way, because the life-saving facilities can ensure that they will not drown and important parts of the body will not be injured after falling into the water; Before boarding, the first thing is to read the drifting instructions carefully, listen to the arrangement of the staff, put on the life jacket and find the safety rope; 1f the boat capsizes and falls into the water, the drifter does not need to panic. The life jacket absolutely ensures your safety. Actively cooperate with the rescue measures of the boatman to carry out rescue and get on the boat again to continue drifting; When encountering torrent reef, arm and foot should exert force properly to disperse the gravity of thigh and guard against collision; When the drifting boat is stuck, it is not necessary to stand up in a hurry. 1nstead, it is necessary to stabilize the boat and find a good foothold to prevent it from being washed down with people and boats

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