don’t forget to wear masks to prevent respiratory diseases

1t is often said that the air is crisp in autumn, but too dry air and changeable temperature also increase the risk of respiratory diseases. Wang Huilin, director of respiratory department of Zhengzhou Third People’s Hospital, reminded that respiratory diseases occur frequently in autumn. We must take preventive measures, pay attention to room ventilation and personal protection, so as to stay away from diseases and live a healthy life

the main respiratory diseases in autumn are allergic rhinitis, asthma, itching eyes, nose, ears, sneezing, runny nose, chest tightness and wheezing. 1f they are allergic constitution or have had allergic diseases, they should be prevented as soon as possible in autumn, and they should see a doctor in time if they have related symptoms; Secondly, respiratory tract infections are more frequent in autumn. Due to the increasing temperature difference between day and night in autumn, if we can’t change clothes according to the temperature change in time, it may lead to the decline of human immunity due to cold, thus increasing the incidence of respiratory tract infections

for the prevention of asthma, Wang Huilin’s advice: first, self-protection by wearing masks and other means, avoid contact with possible allergens, pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of the room, regularly clean and air the bedding, etc; Second, avoid food that can cause allergy; Third, patients who have been diagnosed with asthma can take preventive medication under the guidance of doctors before the symptoms appear, so as to control the attack of asthma. 1f the related symptoms of asthma attack have appeared, such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, dyspnea, recurrent wheezing can not subside, they should be treated in time, so as not to delay the treatment

for the general population, we should also do a good job in personal protection: 12. Wash hands carefully after going out and going home; 3. Wear masks to avoid infection; 4. Pay attention to the room ventilation; 5. Try to get enough sleep to avoid fatigue

Wang Huilin reminded that in addition to the non sick people wearing masks to prevent diseases, patients with respiratory tract infections such as colds should also wear masks, which can not only avoid the transmission of diseases to others, but also play the role of self-protection

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