Don’t give yourself the chance to say “regret”: labor protection products

“Regret”, for too many accident victims, this word should not be strange” 1 regret that 1 didn’t wear a safety helmet, 1 regret that 1 didn’t wear labor protection shoes when 1 went out this morning, 1 regret that 1 didn’t wear a dust mask… Too many regrets happened after the event. People said that “1 knew this before, why should 1 have done it at the beginning”. 1t’s all cause and effect

at the site of formwork removal, Mr. Wang and Mr. Li are in a group. Mr. Li is responsible for delivering formwork materials, and Mr. Wang is responsible for standing on a wooden ladder 4.05 meters above the ground and stacking them on the working face of the next floor; At about 7:20, due to the fact that Master Wang did not fasten the safety rope, the safety helmet he wore on his head did not take root, and the simple wooden ladder beam pedal was narrow, Master Wang accidentally slipped and fell head down from the third beam pedal on the wooden ladder, the safety helmet that did not take root flew out, and his head knocked on the step edge of the fourth floor step ladder. Master Li turned to see everything and immediately called “120” for help. Ten minutes later, the “120” car arrived at the scene. After the operation, the doctor said master Wang was in critical condition and extremely dangerous. At about 19 o’clock, Master Wang died in the second Department of the municipal hospital.

it can be seen that when Master Wang was working at height, he did not fasten the safety rope or wear the safety helmet. When he fell, the safety helmet flew out and his head was knocked on the ladder, resulting in serious injury, resulting in invalid rescue and death in the hospital. The seemingly simple work protective equipment, such as not wearing safety rope and safety helmet, is always neglected. Master Wang took safety helmet but did not take it firmly. He just made a decoration. When the staff made a summary afterwards, the labor protective equipment was emphasized by the leaders. The so-called labor protection articles are used to protect us from injury when we are working. They are just used as ornaments? We should let them give full play to their value and embody their sense of existence. At the same time, China labor insurance network reminds the relevant supervision departments to strengthen the use and management of labor protection articles, so as to ensure the life, health and safety of workers

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