Don’t let fire hydrant cry in summer

At noon in June, several maintenance team members of Changbei sub center of Nanchang water pipe network maintenance center just came back from the “front line”. They were covered with dust and told us how fierce the “battle” they had just experienced and how unimaginable the conditions were. Maybe it was the “barbaric construction” of which project that injured the underground “shy” pipeline. Finally, it’s lunch time. After a busy morning, the stomach has been beating. Several people wanted to have a good meal and have a good rest, but they haven’t had time to deliver the meal to their mouth or even to feel the flavor of the meal. A phone call broke all the good things now” Hello, this is 96166. Some people have just reported that a green fire hydrant at the junction of Fenghe North Avenue and Xiangjiang Road has been leaking for a long time. Please hurry to check it. There was a quick and gentle voice on the phone

the fire hydrant “cried” for no reason

as soon as they received the notice, they couldn’t manage so much. As soon as they threw chopsticks, safety helmet and belt, they got on an orange repair car in a hurry. 1t seemed that they didn’t see the car all the way, but the dust was blowing wantonly under the drive of the wheels. When they arrived at the scene of the incident, they found that the original green fire hydrant was innocent of “tears”. Staff heartache unceasingly, displays the skill three or two to persuade “cries” the green fire hydrant, finally may relax, “goes home” to have a meal. 1t was learned that it was the garden staff who forgot to close the water valve when using water, which led to the “crying” of the fire hydrant. Fire hydrants often cry for no reason

Tao Yun, deputy chief engineer of Hongcheng water industry, told reporters that there are more than 5000 fire hydrants in Nanchang City, of which 82 are used for garden appearance, municipal management and public welfare water intake. 1n recent years, with the increase of public welfare water intake points, especially in summer, the urban water consumption is increasing, which makes it easier to illegally destroy and embezzle fire hydrants and take water at public welfare water intake points not according to regulations. This year, there have been many cases of lax closure of green fire hydrants, resulting in the loss of tap water. He also told reporters that the relevant departments of Nanchang water industry have communicated with the relevant departments of landscape architecture, city appearance and Municipal Administration for many times, asking them to close the fire hydrant in place after taking water from the public welfare water points, so as to ensure no leakage and save water resources. 1n case of damage, if it cannot be closed in place, Nanchang water industry should be informed in time, and the staff will rush to the site for maintenance as soon as possible. 1n the future, Nanchang water industry will further strengthen inspection and notification to minimize losses

at the same time, Nanchang water industry appeals that as an important part of urban management, the management of fire hydrants should be supervised by the general public together with us. 1f it is found that the red, green, yellow fire hydrants and fire hydrants and other water supply facilities are damaged by opening them without permission, Please call the 24-hour service hotline “96166” of Nanchang Municipal Public Utility group to report

Knowledge Popularization: four color management differentiation of fire hydrant

red fire hydrant: encryption device is installed, which is only used for emergency and disaster relief. Except for fire water and routine maintenance of the company, no unit or individual can open the red fire hydrant

Green hydrant: it is a public welfare water intake point for municipal and landscaping water intake

yellow fire hydrant: according to the actual water demand, all enterprises and institutions or individuals apply to the water company for metering and charging according to the metering without affecting the normal fire water intake. Red fire hydrant, yellow hat: for the fire hydrant in the community, the encryption device is installed, which is only used for emergency and disaster relief water, and can not be opened except for fire water and routine maintenance of the company. At the same time, in order to distinguish the municipal fire hydrant, the fire hydrant encryption head is painted yellow

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