Don’t let hidden dangers at home become a threat to children’s safety

1n recent days, a number of dangerous incidents of children falling from buildings have occurred in China, which has aroused people’s attention and once again sounded the safety alarm for parents. According to the statistics of the global organization for child safety, 44.5% of accidental injuries to children occur at home in China. The home safety of children, especially preschool children, should not be ignored

for this, safety experts put forward suggestions

the wires should not fall on the ground. 1t’s very common that the household appliances are placed indoors, the wires are swinging obliquely, and the pins are inserted in the wiring board on the ground” The wires can’t fall down on the ground. 1t’s easy for children to get an electric shock. ” Security experts said

dangerous goods should be out of children’s reach. Children are full of curiosity about everything. They should store dangerous goods (such as drugs, CDs, etc.) in special storage boxes, and keep the storage boxes out of children’s reach

the toilet lid must be well covered. 1f the toilet cover of the toilet is not well covered, in case the child goes to the toilet to play with water, he will fall down and drown easily

don’t put chairs beside the windowsill. 1t’s very easy for a child to climb up to the windowsill with the help of a chair. 1n summer, the window is often open, and the window is equipped with a window screen. Children are very likely to break the window screen and fall

the handle should face the wall. 1f the pot is cooking, the parents leave temporarily, the handle of the pot is facing out, and the children are curious to grasp, the consequences are unimaginable

safety experts suggest that there is a secret to avoid potential safety hazards at home. First, parents should squat down and check all the furniture and electrical appliances at home with their children’s height, and eliminate the potential hazards immediately; Secondly, dangerous goods should be kept out of the reach of children

when chatting at home, popularize more fire safety knowledge for children, and keep first aid kit at home

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