Don’t let the “four winds” blow away the “safety helmet”

“Four styles” is the problem of style of Party members and cadres to be solved in the mass line education activities of the party” The “four styles” problem exists not only in the style of some party members and cadres, but also in the safety work. 1f the “four winds” in safety work are not eliminated in one day, safety work will never have a peaceful day. Therefore, we must abandon the “four winds” in safety work, and do not let the “four winds” blow away the “safety helmet”

we should abandon “formalism” in safety work

formalism in safety work is mainly manifested as follows: only paying attention to the form of vigorous, do not pay attention to the work of down-to-earth, eager for quick success and instant benefit, superficial, pursuit of political achievements; 1n management, safety procedures are simplified, rules and regulations are not followed, and training, inspection, supervision and assessment become mere formality. Formalism in safety work does great harm. 1t will relax people’s vigilance to safety work, confuse people’s thoughts with illusory illusions, and prevent potential hidden dangers from being discovered in time. Formalism exists in safety work, so there is no guarantee for the life and personal safety of employees. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the harm of formalism, resolutely oppose the implementation of documents by means of documents, meetings by means of meetings, speeches by means of speeches, and formalism in safety inspection, and focus on solving practical safety problems so as to thoroughly eliminate “formalism”

abandon the “bureaucracy” in safety work

the bureaucratism in safety work is mainly manifested in the work style and leadership style of not paying attention to investigation and research, not following the principle of seeking truth from facts, not caring about the interests of the masses, being divorced from the masses and the reality of safety work, and only blindly giving orders to manage safety. To deal with safety work, it is “important to say, secondary to do, not to be busy”; To treat safety inspection is to “sit in the car and take a look through the glass”; To deal with potential safety hazard is to “open one eye and close one eye”; To deal with safety accidents is to “relax when safety is good, and be confused when accidents happen”. 1f there are only documents and speeches, but no actual actions, and if we show people what we are doing under bureaucracy, we will certainly damage the interests of the masses and the image of the government in the end. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the harm of bureaucracy, resolutely oppose the leaders in charge of safety being superior and working in an ungrounded manner, and oppose the unrealistic, irresponsible, buck passing and other phenomena of giving orders, so as to thoroughly eliminate “bureaucracy”

abandon the “hedonism” in safety work

hedonism in safety work is mainly manifested as follows: not enterprising, content with the status quo, seeking comfort, lack of sense of hardship and risk; There is no sense of crisis, urgency, responsibility and mission, complacency, laziness and stagnation, and there is no security difficulties and problems; Even if 1 saw it, 1 didn’t care. 1 took a chance and muddled along. 1 felt comfortable day by day, which eventually led to the occurrence of safety accidents and “died of euthanasia”. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the harm of hedonism, strictly prevent the pursuit of ease, not enterprising, irresponsible, relaxed management and other mental slack state, and carry forward the excellent character of hard-working, dynamic and brave. At the same time, strict supervision and inspection should be carried out to find out the responsibility problems and thoroughly eliminate “hedonism”

abandon the “extravagance” in safety work

the extravagance in safety work is mainly manifested as follows: some enterprises attach great importance to safety when their economic benefits are good, and their safety investment is extravagant and wasteful. Without considering the actual situation of their own enterprises, they can follow the trend and purchase some valuable but useless safety infrastructure, which is only used as a show off capital and furnishings, but can not play any role. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the harm of hedonism, prevent blindly following the trend in safety investment, carry forward the good atmosphere of hard work and plain living, careful calculation, diligence and thrift from the reality of the enterprise, ensure that the purchased safety equipment and facilities really play a role in safety, and thoroughly eliminate the “extravagance”

in a word, there are “four winds” in safety work, that is, slack in safety and disrespect for life. Once the “four winds” blow up, it will blow away the “safety helmet”. 1f the “safety helmet” is not protected, isn’t it playing with life

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