Don’t let the “safety rope” loose at height

Continuous high temperature, air conditioning sales surge, air conditioning installation workers will also be busy. Recently, a number of air-conditioning installers have fallen down in China, and the safety of air-conditioning installers has once again aroused social concern

the facilities of old residential buildings are aging and prone to danger

the installers often wear hemp ropes around their waist, climb out of the guardrail, hold electric drills to punch holes in the external walls, and step on the rusty bracket of the air conditioner plug-in machine with their feet; The other stood at the corner of the stairs, holding a cigarette and pulling a rope; There is also a person who did not fasten the safety rope and directly stood on the windowsill to install the copper tube of the air-conditioning plug-in machine. He was very “calm” and did not worry about the risk of falling

“old residential buildings are generally not high, so we don’t worry. What we fear most is the installation of air conditioning in the new residential area. Most of them are high-rise buildings, and the walls are made of steel and concrete. 1t is very difficult to drill holes. Once, 1 was busy in the air for two hours on the 23rd floor. 1t was hot and there was nothing to block the sun, which made me dizzy and almost fell down. ” Master Wang said

in fact, the old residential buildings that Master Wang is not worried about are accident prone areas. Due to rain erosion, sun exposure, natural corrosion, many old residential buildings guardrail, anti-theft window, bracket and other aging phenomenon, coupled with the air conditioning installation workers’ low vigilance, easy to fall

on July 26, such an accident happened in buildin3, Jiaheyuan, cangxia new town, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City. At that time, the workers tied the safety rope to the anti-theft window. Due to the aging of the anti-theft window, the safety rope fell off and the workers were seriously injured

70% of the installation workers are untrained and work without certificates

many decoration workers are short-term workers. From July to September every year during the peak season of air-conditioning installation, they find an installation company to “associate” with. They don’t sign a labor contract, but only Commission according to the business volume

there are many “guerrillas” in the air conditioning installation industry who have not signed labor contracts and have not received on-the-job training. 1n order to save cost, some installation companies do not provide safety appliances, and some even need to buy safety ropes themselves. Some workers lack safety awareness and either buy cheap safety ropes or don’t use them at all

according to relevant regulations, work above two meters above the ground belongs to the category of work at height. Air conditioner installers must receive training in a qualified labor organization and obtain work at height certificate and other qualification certificates before they can work; Manufacturers and installation companies must provide complete safety protection equipment for installation workers while training them. However, the reporter learned from Fuzhou home appliance association that the existing air-conditioning installers with certificates only account for 30% of the total number of employees

the relevant person in charge of the provincial administration of work safety said that many air-conditioning installation companies are not registered, and some so-called air-conditioning after-sales service outlets temporarily rent private houses, “one shot for another place”, which is outside the supervision” These untrained and unlicensed installers employed by unlicensed companies are the high risk group of safety accidents, but it is difficult for us to supervise them. ” He said

air conditioning installers are faced with various safety risks, but most of them do not have insurance

it is understood that a considerable number of air-conditioning installation companies do not provide personal accident insurance for workers, and many workers do not provide insurance for saving money and taking chances. 1n addition, insurance companies set a higher threshold for air-conditioner installers to buy personal accident insurance, some with high premium, some with less compensation, and some even refuse to protect

“1 went to consult, and as soon as 1 heard that it costs five or six hundred yuan a year to deal with accident insurance and that medical insurance needs to be covered separately, 1 gave up my mind. After all, 1 only work for a few months a year, so it’s not cost-effective to pay so much premium. ” Master Wang said

standardize the development of the industry and take more measures to resolve risks

in order to resolve the safety risks of the air-conditioning installation industry, some CPPCC members in Fuzhou put forward suggestions: the risks of working at height can not be completely eliminated, but we can add more safety guarantees for the air-conditioning installation workers, and strive to minimize the risk probability

first of all, the safety supervision, labor and other departments work together to strengthen the law enforcement, requiring all air-conditioning installation personnel to participate in training and work with certificates after passing the examination, so as to guide the establishment of a standardized air-conditioning installation team; Practitioners must carry out business in the form of regular companies, and those who have no conditions to set up companies should also be attached to the name of regular companies, strengthen management, formulate specific safety operation rules, and put them in place

secondly, in order to eliminate the hidden danger of hardware, the construction department should clearly stipulate that new buildings must be equipped with cement base or safety fence of external air conditioner; For the old residential buildings, government subsidies and air-conditioning manufacturers can be used to update the aging external air-conditioning support, or cement base and safety fence can be added

in addition, insurance companies should enhance their awareness of social responsibility, develop more insurance types suitable for high-altitude operators, and appropriately reduce the insurance threshold. 1n this way, once a safety accident occurs, the air-conditioning installers and their families can have more protection

(China labor insurance website)

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