Don’t relax during labor protection in hot summer

it’s a hot summer, and people will sweat even if they don’t work. 1f they work in the hot sun, it’s really hard for them to wear overalls and hard hats

recently, the author interviewed at the grass-roots level and found that many front-line employees at the construction site did not wear protective equipment according to the regulations, some were working arm in arm, some took off their masks and hung them around their necks, and some left their gas masks on the ground. After inquiry, these employees have said that it is too troublesome to dress up and work in hot weather

labor protection articles are the necessary equipment to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process. Correct wearing plays an important role in reducing occupational hazards, and should not be careless at any time. And the petroleum and petrochemical industry has the characteristics of high temperature, flammable and explosive, the workplace generally has high-speed running machinery and equipment, do not wear protective equipment or tooling is not standard, it is likely to cause personal injury

in the hot summer, labor insurance should not only be relaxed, but also be strengthened. Enterprises should educate employees to improve the awareness of standard dressing of labor protection articles and enhance the awareness of self-protection. Because of the hot weather, the correct wearing of labor protection appliances should not be regarded as a “mandatory requirement” of enterprises, or even a burden. The leader in charge must not let the employees wear incorrect tooling, or turn a blind eye to it. 1t is necessary to strictly implement the system and take some targeted measures, such as installing air conditioners and fans, preparing heatstroke prevention drugs and food such as essential balm and mung bean soup for employees, so as to create a good working environment for employees. At the same time, we should strengthen publicity, education and inspection, guide employees to change from “want me to protect” to “1 want to protect”, and from “want me to be safe” to “1 want to be safe”. 1n particular, we should strengthen the inspection and supervision on the wearing of labor protection articles for personnel in high temperature, high-risk positions and other key parts, so as to prevent the occurrence of summer scalds, burns and high temperature heatstroke accidents

Li Chonghui

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