Don’t relax in summer high temperature safety production

1n the production process, some team leaders and safety officers are worried that there is something wrong with safety that they haven’t told the staff. They are afraid of problems, so they always go to each job and repeat the safety precautions for the staff. They demonstrate them again and again until the job is finished. Some people may think that it is unnecessary to do so, but 1 think that in the production process, such behavior is commendable and needs to be vigorously promoted. But those “careless brothers” in their work only want to be able to get by, not to be perfect. They always want to know everything all at once. They just want to save trouble in production, but ignore the key steps of labor protection. With a fluke mentality, they will only bury hidden dangers in safety production in the long run, We should work hard on “doing too much”

“doing too much” does not mean doing useless work. 1ts significance lies in that safety managers should have a look and say more in daily production. 1n terms of ensuring personal safety, wordy words and cumbersome procedures can guarantee the personal safety and vital interests of employees

safety is always a “one-way street” for us, because no one can “start over” in the face of safety accidents. 1n fact, what we need is not only an effective supervision and management method, but also a “superfluous action” in safety management, because only by saying more, asking more and looking more, can we make the staff keep a high degree of concentration in production and abide by the rules and regulations, which is the basis of safety and stability

at present, with the arrival of high temperature in summer, safety production can not tolerate any carelessness or carelessness. Therefore, it is indisputable to “do too much” in production safety. 1t can be said that the “superfluous action” in production safety adds a “lock” to the personal safety of employees. Only in this way can our safety and stability be maintained and long-term stability be maintained

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