Don’t test the importance of labor protection articles with your life

As an 18-year-old girl, she is full of colorful fantasies about life. She is good at singing and dancing, lively and cheerful, especially her long black and shiny hair makes her more elegant and beautiful. So, when she was in the car, she often couldn’t bear to put her hair into her work cap. When others advised her, she always jokingly said, “it’s OK. God will protect me.” However, God also dozed off. During a cleaning operation, her hair was scattered on the spinning ribbon. Suddenly, her hair was bitten by the spinning ribbon. With a heartrending scream, the spinning ribbon lifted her hair and scalp together, exposing her bleeding skull and dying on the spot. Due to the paralysis of safety consciousness and habitual illegal operation, a young life has quietly passed away, and she is only 18 years old! Sisters how also can’t believe, go to work still joking of her, how suddenly disappeared? The dead died, but it brought great grief to the living

life is fair, it is only once for each of us. 1t is also with the existence of life, we can appreciate the family, warmth, harmony and happiness. What is left when the fresh life disappears in an instant due to a safety accident? 1t is the tears of bitterness, it is no longer a complete family, but also an unforgettable pain

this example is worth pondering. There are similar problems in our enterprises. For example, in the beginning of 2007, a member of the team accidentally stuck his shoes in the angle between the running ground chain and the front end of the bracket when he was working. Fortunately, after he found out in time, he stopped the line and pulled out his feet in time, which almost led to a tragedy. After knowing this, the workshop section attached great importance to it and carefully analyzed and summarized it after understanding the process. The reason was that the anti-static labor protection shoes with cloth rubber soles were used in the painting room of the old factory before. At that time, the ground chain was running in the underground steel trough and could not touch the feet when working. Now the steel bracket on the ground chain of the spray booth in the new factory is exposed, so that during the spraying operation, the labor protection shoes are easy to get stuck in the gap between the steel bracket and the front end of the bracket, causing safety accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure that everyone will not be hurt any more, the workshop leader has equipped a pair of new labor protection shoes with steel head for each employee working in the spray booth. Afterwards, at the workshop meeting, let the parties tell the story of the accident and their deep feelings to you, so as to educate you. Don’t underestimate the importance of labor protection articles, should correctly use and wear labor protection articles, let everyone take warning, improve safety awareness and ask everyone to carefully find the safety hazards around

after the tragedy, all these things are irreparable. No matter how severe the punishment is, no matter how deep the cause is, no matter how loud the slogan of safety is, it will be too late to repent, because nothing can erase the huge losses that have been caused, let alone bring back the lives that have been lost. Thus, in order to prevent these accidents in advance, we can only implement, implement and re implement safety

special protective products should be used correctly in high-risk operations to protect their own safety and enhance their awareness of self-protection. Enterprises should also be reminded of the importance of protecting employees’ occupational safety. High temperature resistant protective products should be used in high-temperature operations. These protective products are provided by labor protection mall, such as heat insulation gloves, heat insulation clothing and heat insulation hood. Anti cutting products should be used in mechanical cutting, Such as anti cutting gloves, metal gloves, etc

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