Don’t use safety helmet as decoration

safety helmet is a very common personal protective equipment, which can be seen everywhere in coal mines, factories and construction sites. However, only the correct wearing of safety helmet can play a role in safety protection. Otherwise, the helmet will become a decoration, even a burden

unfortunately, the author found that in the production site of many enterprises, employees who wear safety helmets and do not wear mandible belts can be seen everywhere, which greatly reduces the safety protection effect of safety helmets. There are also many news pictures published in newspapers to promote safety in production. The proportion of the protagonists in the pictures wearing safety helmets but not wearing mandible belts is not small, which will affect the publicity and demonstration effect of the media. Take a newspaper in Hebei Province as an example. 1n the four issues of work safety weekly published in August, there were a total of six pictures involving wearing safety helmets, of which two were not wearing mandibular belts. Even the news pictures of work safety published on the 1nternet of work safety information in some provinces and cities often show that only the inspection leaders wear safety helmets and mandibular belts, while the accompanying personnel do not wear mandibular belts or even safety helmets. The author randomly searches on the 1nternet and finds that similar news pictures are published on a website in Hunan and Jiangsu. Do you often walk by the water, not afraid of wet shoes

the answer is No. The responsibility of safety production is more important than Mount Tai, and no one can slack off. 1t’s just that we sometimes ignore some details. 1t’s our heavy responsibility to put on the helmet and fasten the chin strap. Remember, don’t save a little effort, lead to lifelong regret

Author: Wang Xinping

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