Don’t wear labor protection articles

1n order to ensure the personal safety of workers, various units issue labor protection articles according to different types of work. Many rules and regulations include wearing labor protection articles as a necessary measure to protect the safety of workers. The power supply department clearly stipulates that: at the construction site, workers must wear work clothes, insulating shoes, safety helmets and gloves. However, the author found in the production site that many workers’ labor protection articles are only not “worn”, resulting in potential safety hazards

there are many workers and complicated conditions on site, and many unexpected things may happen at any time, which requires us to be fully prepared, wear labor protection articles according to regulations, and prevent possible personal injury accidents. When the staff work, they are responsible according to the arrangement of the foreman. The staff working on the top concentrate on their own work and can’t take care of the people below. 1n case of tool missing or falling, other objects will hurt the staff working below. 1f we abide by safety regulations, restrict our work behavior in safety production and wear labor protection articles, we can prevent accidental injury and ensure the personal safety of workers

labor protection articles are only worn, which reflects the weak safety awareness of individual employees, irresponsibility for personal safety and indifference to safety regulations. The belt is to cope with the inspection of the management personnel, afraid to investigate and deal with their own violations of discipline. They are worn around for a while in case of emergency. When the leader leaves, they will be placed beside them as furnishings. 1t’s empiricism and fluke thinking that don’t wear labor protection articles. 1t’s not easy to work. Giving up labor protection is a kind of foolishness

wearing labor protection appliances according to regulations is a specific manifestation of being responsible for your own safety. For the happiness of you and your family, get rid of the bad habit of wearing only labor protection articles

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