donate anti haze masks to care for journalists

On the occasion of the 18th reporter’s day, in order to express our love for journalists and protect them from winter haze, Taiyuan Journalists Association and Shanxi Xingnuo Kanglun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. recently donated Green Shield masks to editors and reporters working in our city’s news front. On the morning of November 6, the donation ceremony was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of Taiyuan news building. Representatives of journalists who participated in the donation activities and accepted the donation expressed their gratitude to the donors. Ji Yongsheng, Shanxi regional director of Shanghai Xingnuo Kanglun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., said that in winter, journalists working in the front line of editing are particularly vulnerable to the invasion of bacteria, viruses and haze. Green Shield masks can provide effective protection and safety guarantee for the respiratory health of journalists working outdoors all day

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