Dongguan security development high level forum successfully held

on October 19, the first Dongguan high level Forum on safety development was held at the same time as the “labor insurance meeting”. Luo Bin, Deputy Secretary General of Dongguan Municipal People’s government, Li Jianwu, director general of Dongguan Municipal Administration of work safety, Lin Haichuan, President of Dongguan Association of work safety, and the principal persons in charge of major hazard installations and production and operation enterprises of dangerous chemicals in Dongguan City, principal persons in charge of member units of work safety committee, principal persons in charge of member units of work safety committee in towns and streets, principal persons in charge of work safety in towns and streets Person in charge of town and street safety supervision branch and person in charge of work safety intermediary service agency attended the forum

forum invites Shi Weizu, former inspector of the science and Technology Department of the State Administration of safety supervision, to make the “situation and policy on safety production”, Professor Wang Sanming, the expert of the State Administration of safety supervision, 1nternet plus safety production, and Professor Pan Xu Hai, vice president of the school of safety and science, Nanjing University of Technology. Br / >
for a long time, “Labor 1nsurance Association” has been paying close attention to occupational safety and promoting industrial upgrading. To this end, the exhibition set up the theme exhibition area of Dongguan safety production professional services, and held the first Dongguan Safety Development Forum on the opening day. This unprecedented activity has aroused great attention and become a highlight of the exhibition, and also let every exhibitor and audience understand the high-end professional industry information

Luo Bin said that in October of the golden autumn, we ushered in the “Labor 1nsurance Association”, which is the first time in the 50 year history of the “Labor 1nsurance Association” to be held in non provincial capitals and separate cities. Dongguan is a big manufacturing city. With the further development of commercial registration reform, there are more than 700000 production and operation units in the city, including more than 30000 industrial enterprises. At present, the basis of work safety is still relatively weak, the total amount of various accidents is still large, and the task of work safety and occupational health is still quite heavy

with regard to the contradictions and problems existing in the development process, Dongguan municipal Party committee and government have always taken a positive and responsible attitude, continuously strengthened measures, further accelerated the improvement of the safety production supervision system, and worked hard to form a perfect safety production regulations and standards system, technical support system, information system, training system, publicity and education system and emergency rescue system, We should increase investment in production safety, improve safety technology and equipment, strengthen the responsibility system for production safety of departments and enterprises at all levels, strictly implement various rules and regulations for production safety, strive to form a long-term mechanism for production safety, and comprehensively improve the level of production safety

to strengthen safety production and promote safety development is a major event related to people’s life safety and health. Dongguan municipal Party committee and government always attach great importance to work safety. Therefore, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have taken a series of fundamental measures, including strengthening the responsibility of safety production, strengthening the safety management of the industry, increasing the investment in safety production, promoting the progress of safety science and technology, strengthening education and training, seriously investigating and dealing with responsibility accidents, and improving the safety supervision system. 1t is believed that the “Labor 1nsurance Association” will be of great strategic significance for Dongguan to promote the innovation of labor insurance industry and the development of real economy. 1t will also play an important role in learning from the national advanced work experience of safety production, promoting the development of safety production technology and industry, and improving the level of government safety production supervision and enterprise safety management

it is gratifying that the overall situation of work safety continues to improve, and the continuous improvement of laws, regulations and policy system related to work safety is the legal guarantee for doing a good job in work safety. To this end, this forum invited Shi Weizu, former inspector of the planning and Technology Department of the State Administration of work safety, to give a special report on the situation and policy of work safety

it is an important element of enterprise intrinsic safety system to implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production and establish a scientific, systematic, active, advanced and comprehensive accident prevention safety engineering system. Only by establishing a long-term mechanism of safety production can enterprises realize intrinsic safety. Professor Pan Xuhai, deputy dean of School of safety and science of Nanjing University of technology, explained “enterprise intrinsic safety system” to the guests and audience

is making full use of 1nternet technology to carry out work safety production. 1t is the future trend of development. Professor Wang Sanming, expert of the State Administration of safety supervision, won applause with the brilliant speech on 1nternet plus safety production. Br / >
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