Dongguan shoe enterprises expand factories in the mainland for development

recently, you Yili, general manager of oasis shoes industry, which ranks the top three in terms of shoe factory scale in Dongguan, told the media that oasis shoes industry Co., Ltd. will adopt the strategy of “aircraft carrier first, satellite keeping up” to expand its factory, start the investigation team to contact with a number of local governments in the mainland, and begin to expand its factory in the mainland. At present, the location is initially located in Jiangxi, Hunan and Guangxi. 1t is hoped that with the promotion of its plant expansion strategy, other supporting factories in the industrial chain will move to these areas to seek common development

the lack of work leads to the expansion of the plant in the mainland

this year, oasis has added two lines in the Houjie plant, but the production capacity still can not meet the needs of customers” Now oasis has begun to receive orders for next year, and customers also ask for further expansion of production capacity. ” You elili said that this is the reason why oasis is planning to expand its plant

“of course, if it is to expand the plant in Guangdong, we are familiar with the road, the location and the people, but the main problem is the lack of labor force. At present, in terms of labor costs and remuneration, factories in coastal areas and the mainland are basically the same, while there is a general shortage of workers in Guangdong. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to expand factories and transfer to places with sufficient labor force. ” You Yili told reporters that one of the principles for the inland site selection of oasis expansion plant is: within 6 hours from Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway” Therefore, the site is initially located in Jiangxi, Hunan and Guangxi. ” At present, oasis has started the investigation team to contact with these local governments< According to the introduction, the two production lines of oasis local expansion are expected to be put into operation in March next year" At that time, there was a wave of employees returning to work, and it was a golden period for recruitment. 1f you can recruit them, you will get them. 1f you can't recruit them, you will lose them. " when talking about the specific production plan of the new plant, you Yili said that for factories like oasis, which mainly focus on the European and American markets, the financial tsunami has just passed, many problems of the European environment are still being dealt with, and the United States is still recovering. These two markets have not yet recovered, and it will take another year to observe” According to our current plan, the plant expansion plan can be finalized by the end of 2011, and then the construction of a new plant will be started immediately, so as to develop new production capacity in early 2012. “ Q& A why is the location within 6 hours of Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway A: “the main reason is that the industrial chain in other places is not as perfect as here. The control within 6 hours can ensure that in the early stage of plant expansion, in case the supporting plants fail to keep up or there is a temporary material gap, it can be timely allocated and supplied from Houjie plant; And if customers want to visit the branch, they can also guarantee to go back and forth in one day. “ how to deal with the current situation that the supporting foundation of the industrial chain in the mainland is not perfect A: “we have adopted the strategic deployment and pace of” aircraft carrier first, satellite keeping up “, and are mobilizing and persuading supporting factories to go there together.” You Yili believes that this is a problem that must be faced in the early stage of plant expansion” 1t can be predicted that at the beginning, we were “exclusive” in the past, and at the beginning of distribution, there were not many orders in the past, and we could not afford to support the pilot supporting factories. ” 1n the view of you elili, satellite factories and aircraft carrier enterprises are a kind of “laying hens, laying hens”, which can incubate with each other. Therefore, the problem of imperfect industrial chain in the mainland can be solved gradually

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