Dongguan shoes design is expected to add “big brand”

world famous brand jump shoes held a press conference in Houjie, saying that its R & D center headquarters will move to Dongguan

since its establishment in Taiwan in 1975, “Jiangmen” brand has successfully entered stores all over the world. Especially after cooperating with taboo, the main member of the internationally famous American “black eyed peas” Orchestra, it has officially entered the top luxury department stores in the United States, and has sold for nearly $200 per pair to keep pace with European and American luxury brands, Set the history record of the most advanced shoes brand in Asia< At present, Dongguan has more than 4000 shoemaking enterprises, more than 2000 shoemaking and shoemaking machinery supporting enterprises, more than 3500 shoemaking, leather, hardware, chemical and other related supporting shops, with more than 2 million employees and an annual output of more than 1.5 billion pairs of shoes. 1t has become the most important distribution center of global finished shoes, leather, shoes, shoemaking machinery and other related products, and has a complete supporting supply chain. "Now Dongguan has become the information center of the shoe industry, so we have to consider moving the R & D center headquarters here," Chen said in fact, some shoemaking enterprises in Fuzhou, Chengdu, Wenzhou, etc., which want to expand their export markets, have successively set up their R & D centers in Dongguan, hoping to use Dongguan as a platform to quickly connect with the international market. Aokang, Daphne and other brands familiar to Chinese consumers have set up R & D centers in Houjie, Dongguan

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