Dongyang City checks the use of protective equipment at construction sites

Recently, Yao Jiyang, deputy secretary of Dongyang municipal Party committee and acting mayor of Zhejiang Province, led the heads of public security, safety supervision, market supervision, power supply, fire control and other departments to carry out work safety inspection

on Hanning road between Yihai road and Xueshi Road, the construction site of gaozhang Village complex building is currently in a state of shutdown. Scaffolds and nets surround the building. The person in charge of the municipal construction administration said that the construction site started construction without a construction permit. At the construction site, the person in charge of the project did not wear safety helmets. When asked whether the construction site was equipped with safety helmets, the person in charge of the project said that the safety helmets were put in the office” 1f you put your helmet in the office, you’re putting safety out of your mind. ” Yao Jiyang asked the construction site to carry out rectification according to the requirements and specifications

pipeline gas is used more and more frequently by people, so its safe handling and transportation become more and more important. Two gas tanks are placed in the Jincun gas station of haoleduo Trading Co., Ltd. in Jincun, Baiyun Street. According to the person in charge of the gas station, all the pipeline gas in Dongyang is transported from these two gas storage tanks” The daily gas consumption is 5000 to 6000 cubic meters. ” The person in charge said. Yao Jiyang carefully inquired about the safety protection measures of the staff of the gas filling station and the safety regulations in handling transportation, and asked the relevant departments to conduct regular inspections to ensure the safe production of the gas reserve station

labor intensive enterprises are also areas with high incidence of safety accidents. 1n Baiyun Street sanimei Clothing Co., Ltd., Yao Jiyang visited the finished product warehouse, weaving workshop, sewing workshop and other places where the company’s workers are concentrated, and inspected the fire safety equipment of each workshop. When asked how many employees of the enterprise will use the fire extinguisher, the person in charge of the enterprise replied that there are special safety officers who have received fire safety training” Everyone in the enterprise should be able to use the fire extinguisher. ” Yao Jiyang demanded that enterprises should strengthen the training of safety production knowledge and deal with potential safety hazards in the bud

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