Down jacket can also be used as life jacket

Recently, a suicide woman jumped into a river, but she was rescued after she didn’t sink into the river for more than 20 minutes because of the buoyancy of her down jacket. How can a down jacket be so buoyant? Experts said that down jacket fabric has “hydrophobic” characteristics, unlike cotton and hemp fabric, which has strong water permeability, plus the air expansion in down layer, so it has the effect of “life jacket” in a short time

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the woman who committed suicide was saved by a down jacket

according to media reports, at about 9 pm on January 10, Ms. Li, a citizen of Yanshi, sang with her friends at KTV. Meanwhile, Ms. Li was in a bad mood and drank too much. At about 2 a.m. on the 11th, Ms. Li left KTV with her friends to go home. When passing a river bridge on the way, Ms. Li asked to get off the car and blow the wind. When her friends didn’t pay attention, she jumped into the river from the bridge

subsequently, the fire department personnel and the police of the nearby police station arrived at the scene of the accident at the same time. After discussion, it was decided to use the boats on site of the river management office for rescue. More than 20 minutes later, Ms. Li was successfully rescued ashore. After on-site medical staff inspection, Ms. Li was not seriously affected” Because she was wearing a down jacket. After she jumped into the river, the down jacket had a buoyancy, which prevented her from sinking and prevented a tragedy. ” Police said

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Where does the buoyancy of down jacket come from

1. Most down jacket fabrics have “hydrophobic” characteristics and are not easy to get wet

many people have the experience that they wear down jacket on snowy days and enter the room to pat. The snow turns into water, and the clothes are only a little wet, not a large area. Other fabrics can get very wet. Why? According to experts, down jacket is not afraid of water, because its fabric has “hydrophobic” characteristics” The so-called “hydrophobic” property is a term in materials science. 1n fact, it is a performance index of water resistance of materials. ” Professor Yin Shumei, School of chemical engineering, Qingdao University of science and technology, said. The vast majority of down jacket fabrics are hydrophobic chemical fiber materials, when placed in water, it will not be as easy to soak as cotton and hemp materials

due to the waterproof property of the down jacket fabric (some have coating), it is not easy for water to get wet in a short time, the fabric can enter into the down jacket, and the air is not easy to escape, so the down jacket should be able to help people float

Yin Shumei said that natural cotton and linen materials generally have strong “hydrophilic” characteristics, while down jacket fabrics are mostly synthetic chemical fibers, so water is difficult to enter into these fabrics. “Raincoats, umbrellas and other commonly used waterproof appliances in life are mostly made of this kind of hydrophobic material.” The clothes made of this material can achieve a certain cleaning effect by wiping the surface with water when they are dirty

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