dragon travel company provides 800 taxis with a small “first aid kit”

in recent years, the sudden illness of taxi drivers during operation is not a case in point. Heilongjiang longlv Taxi Co., Ltd. equipped all 800 taxis with first aid kits on December 12, so that drivers and passengers can get effective treatment in the first time in case of accidents

according to the relevant person in charge of longlv taxi company, taxis travel in the streets and alleys of Harbin every day. While providing services for passengers, drivers sometimes have sudden physical discomfort, and passengers have had emergency situations when taking the bus, which need to be dealt with in time. 1n order to win the rescue time for the driver and passengers in case of physical emergency, longlv company has invested nearly 40000 yuan to equip each taxi with a “first aid kit”, which is equipped with nitroglycerin, Suxiao Jiuxin Pill, band aid, X1EL1T1NG, bandage and other first aid items, so as to provide a guarantee for the driver and passengers in case of emergency

in addition, the company plans to set up a “rescue fund” to provide services to all drivers of the company. 1n case of major accidents to drivers and their families, the company shall, upon application and approval, provide them with a certain amount of rescue money to help them overcome sudden difficulties

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