Drive home for Spring Festival and prepare emergency kit

Not everyone can be as brilliant as Liu Dawei. Before it’s completely dark, they can find out in time that the headlights are broken, and there’s a 4S shop just a short distance away. 1n order to make up for the lack of good luck from time to time, it is suggested that everyone should prepare all kinds of emergency tools before going out, so that they can play a big role at the critical moment. 1n particular, the Spring Festival home or travel, mostly hundreds or even thousands of kilometers of travel, prepared to be safe

first of all, please prepare your driver’s license, driving license, insurance policy (card), national 4S shop directory and other documents and information, remember the manufacturer’s 24-hour rescue call, and check whether you have the following emergency tools: foldable reflective warning signs, nylon trailer rope, live wire, cotton work gloves, multi-function flashlight, vehicle fuse, reflective clothing, waterproof tape, etc 1nsulating tape, air pump and other tools. Some of the toolkits sold on the market will be increased or decreased according to the needs of users to meet the different needs of different car owners. Don’t think you won’t be able to use it. Buy it all first. 1n addition, bring the first aid kit

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