Driving a slow car without wearing a seat belt is dangerous

Some drivers think that when the car is driving at low speed, if you don’t wear the seat belt, even if there is a collision, it will not cause danger to the lives of the people in the car. But is it really the case? With the help of the staff of the road traffic safety research center of the Ministry of public security, the reporter came to the professional collision simulation laboratory. Experts told reporters that in the event of a collision, the head is the most vulnerable to fatal injury, so in the experiment will mainly collect data from the dummy head sensor

the collision speed of this experiment is set at 20 km / h. At the beginning of the experiment, the reporter found that at the moment of the collision, the dummy with the seat belt was quickly grabbed back by the seat belt and firmly fixed on the seat, while the dummy without the seat belt heavily hit the front seat after the collision

Zhou Wenhui, deputy director of road safety research center and motor vehicle safety research office of the Ministry of public security, told the reporter: “from the experimental data, we can see that the maximum impact on the dummy’s head without seat belt is about 22 gravity accelerations. The weight of a person’s head is generally 5 kg. 1f we just take the weight of the head, under the action of such an acceleration, it is equivalent to 110 kg force on the head, and the impact times are more. The maximum impact of the dummy with the seat belt is only 11 gravity accelerations. The dummy with the seat belt bears more impact on the chest and slows down the impact on the head. ” 1n other words, under the protection of the seat belt, the head of the dummy with the seat belt is only impacted by 55 kg, which is half of the force of the dummy without the seat belt

in real life, the driving speed of motor vehicles will be higher than 20 km / h. 1f there is an accident on the way and the safety belt is not fastened, the consequences will be more serious. Zhou Wenhui said: “if the speed of the collision reaches 40 km / h, the impact on the human body is equivalent to falling from a two-story building to the concrete ground. 1f there is no safety protection at this time, there will be serious injuries and even life-threatening. Statistics show that the correct use of seat belts can reduce the risk of death in collision accidents by about 60%

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