DSM and selit: creating the safest hands in the world

DSM invented ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber in 1960s. Under the same weight condition, the strength of UHMWPE fiber is 15 times that of steel, 40% stronger than aramid fiber, and its weight is lighter. 1t can float in water. Dyneema is used in the latest anti cutting standard en388 at the end of 2016 ? The performance of anti cutting gloves made by diamond technology reaches grade D

(from left to right: Dr. Alex Yong, global marketing manager of DSM, Zhang Li, chairman of Shanghai sailite)

has the leading global Dyneema ? DSM dinima of anti cutting technology only chooses to cooperate with the best manufacturers of protective gloves. 1n 2017, DSM dinima and celite launched “celite blade X” at the 94th China labor protection products fair ? One is the inventor of super fiber in the world, and the other is the top manufacturer of protective gloves in China. The joint efforts of DSM and sailite will bring more safety to the hand protection of hundreds of millions of Chinese workers

sailite blade x ? Gloves

standard corset blade x ? Series is safer

compared with ordinary high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE), Dyneema ? Diamond technology’s anti cutting glove “sailite blade X” ? Series “can increase the anti cutting performance by up to 2 times. Compared with aramid, leather, nylon, glass fiber and other traditional materials, it can provide the greatest protection. According to the latest en388 2016 standard, without using glass fiber or steel wire reinforcement, its protection grade can reach B, C and D

ultra light and thin sailite blade x ? Series more comfortable

with Dyneema ? Diamond technology’s anti cutting glove “sailite blade X” ? 1t is more comfortable than the gloves made of aramid, leather, nylon, glass fiber and other traditional materials. This means that workers are more willing to wear them and insist on wearing them, which is the first step to prevent hand injuries. Dyneema of DSM ? Diamond technology fiber feels cool and cools hands faster than aramid gloves, so it can keep hands cool without sweating. Dyneema ? Diamond technology has passed the Oeko tex certification, which is the most authoritative and influential textile eco label in the world. The products with Oeko tex Standard 100 label have been tested and certified by famous textile certification organizations (all affiliated to the international environmental Textile Association) in 15 countries around the world. For end users who are interested in buying textiles, Oeko tex on textiles ? The label represents the tested harmlessness of the product in human ecology. 1t does not cause skin irritation, does not contain substances prohibited or controlled by law and chemicals harmful to health. 1n addition, based on Dyneema ? Diamond technology’s yarn is thinner than ordinary high molecular weight polyethylene (HPME) materials, and its fiber is 40% lighter than aramid fiber (lower density), so it is more flexible and comfortable to use

washable celite blade x ? The series is more durable

with Dyneema ? Diamond technology’s anti cutting glove “sailite blade X” ? Series of “anti cutting gloves” are more durable and washable than those made of aramid, leather, nylon, glass fiber and other traditional materials ? Series of “anti cutting gloves” another major feature, after many tests, sailite blade X ? The wear resistance (up to 50%) and UV resistance of “series” anti cutting gloves are much higher than those of aramid gloves, and their performance will not be affected by repeated wearing, cleaning and use. Because it can be washed, users can reuse it many times. As there is no need to purchase new gloves repeatedly, the investment in manpower and material resources is reduced, “sailite blade X” ? Series “anti cutting gloves, with unparalleled durability and economic benefits

our country is paying more and more attention to the safety standards and regulations in the workplace, which is in line with DSM dinima’s vision of fully committed to creating new standards. Seliter regards safety as a necessity, and has been committed to creating professional and effective personal protection solutions for customers for many years. The combination of the two will provide more references for the establishment and improvement of domestic protective gloves standards, and create more possibilities for the development of domestic protective gloves

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