DSM has made a lot of profits in China’s personal protection market

May 18, 2011, Beijing, China ?(Dyneema ?) 1t’s getting more and more popular. As a company producing ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE) and its derived composites, DSM dinima has signed some important contracts with Chinese parties, mainly involving Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) SB51. Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) Sb51 is a unidirectional fiber (UD) product released last year, which is mainly used to make protective vests

cipate 2011 China (Beijing) international police equipment and anti terrorism Technology Exhibition seminar will be held in Beijing from May 19 to 21, 2011. At that time, DSM will introduce its latest progress in bulletproof clothing. DSM will also launch another innovative Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) This kind of unidirectional fiber (UD) product has better performance improvement. More details of this product will be released soon

now some Chinese users have started to use Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) Sb51 to make body armor. As early as the beginning of this year, DSM began to receive a large number of orders from customers. 1n addition, use Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) The bullet proof vest made of sb51 is extremely light and can meet the protection requirements of China’s new police standard ga-141 2010. When Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) Sb51 is applied to the double anti vest. Our strategic partner has passed the production license demonstration of bullet proof and stab proof by the Ministry of public security. And, with Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) The bulletproof and stab proof vest made of sb51 material has passed the first level of China’s ga68-2008 stab proof standard, and the second and third level of China’s ga141-2010 bullet proof standard

the thickness and weight of Chinese police protective vest also have specific performance requirements, which require that its thickness and weight are within the specified range of protective performance. At the same time, this kind of protective vest should also have water resistance and other important properties

Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) Sb51 provides enough design space for bulletproof clothing manufacturers to ensure that the products can meet all the above requirements, so that the products can not only provide super protection, but also be very comfortable to wear

Josse Kunst, vice president of Asia Pacific region of life protection department of DSM, said: “our Chinese customers have realized the use of Dyneema in their body armor ?(Dyneema ?) Sb51 can provide them with an important market advantage. We now have a new product that will be put on the market soon. We have every reason to believe that this advantage will be further improved. We will provide samples for testing in the near future. “

Josse Kunst (Mr. Kun Shiyu) said that the new generation of upgraded products will be better than Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) Sb51 is more flexible and has higher performance. “Our customers can use it as part of the overall design to meet the N1J 0101.06 certification requirements, which is the latest demonstration of our commitment to this important market and our ability to put increasingly high-performance products on the market as soon as possible,” he said

by developing a close partnership with bulletproof clothing manufacturers, Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) Sb51 is specially designed to provide protection against common threats in Asia Pacific and central and Eastern Europe, especially for Chinese P54 pistol ammunition. 1n addition, it can also be used for tactical and covert vest design. The use of the product can reduce the concave depth of the vest under the impact of bullets, while maintaining a light and comfortable feeling. The damage resistant lining system can be made more flexible than before, while maintaining the quality specification of the vest

at the same time, Dyneema ?(Dyneema ?) Sb51 is easy to operate, reducing time and cost in material storage and cutting for body armor manufacturers

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