DuPont develops new Kevlar variant fiber with improved performance

DuPont Co developed a new DuPont Kevlar variant fiber called advanced performance (AP) fiber. The first one to go on the market is Kevlar k29 AP, which is suitable for oil and gas and construction industries. DuPont said Kevlar k29 AP has a 15% increase in strength over standard k29 fibers and has a wide range of Daniels

“due to its light weight, good strength, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and other unique properties, Kevlar fiber can be used to strengthen and reinforce many products.” Thomas g. Powell, President of DuPont protection technology, said, “in many applications, customers can use fewer fibers to achieve the same or even better results. This is the innovation that our customers are eager for, which confirms our commitment in the high-performance raw material market. “

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