DuPont, DSM, Japan Baoli and other international chemical giants announced price increases respectively. Which one will affect you?

At the beginning of the new year 2017, due to the comprehensive factors such as crude oil price and shortage of raw materials, a number of chemical plants at home and abroad scrambled to raise prices, setting off a price boom

DuPont announced that it will increase the price of Delrin and Zytel nylon products from February 15, 2017


Delrin: usd0.25/kg

Zytel: usd0.3/kg

ems-grey announced to increase the price of PA6 and PA66 products from February 1


gridid L: rmb1.5/kg

gridid tr: rmb2.0/kg

gridory GV: rmb2.0/kg

gridory HT: rmb1.5/kg

gridlon: Rmb3.5/kg

SAB1C announced to increase the price of PC and ABS

since February 13, 2017, the prices of NORYL and co polymer Lexan products have been increased by RMB2 / kg

the prices of PC, PC / ABS and PBT will be increased from February 13, 2017


Lexan: usd0.25/kg

Lexan copolymer, NORYL: usd0.3/kg

cytocholoy, cytocholac, gel: usd0.2/kg

valox, Xenoy: usd0.15/kg

BASF announced to increase the prices of PA6, PA66 and POM from January 15, 2017


PA6: USD200 / ton

PA66: USD300 / ton

POM: USD150 / ton

DSM announced to increase the price of PA6 and PA66 by USD180 / ton since January 15, 2017

Japan Baoli announced that it would increase the price of POM from February 6, 2017


RMB: rmb0.8/kg

USD: usd0.1/kg

taixiang announced that it will adjust the prices of all products from January 16, 2017, with an increase of about 20% ~ 30%

Changchun chemical announced to increase the price of PA6 and PA66 on February 7, 2017


PA6: rmb2.5/kg

PA66: rmb4.0/kg

Huafeng raised the price of TPU products by 2000-3000 / T

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