DuPont join hands with Taiwan enterprises to develop new textile materials

recently, we learned from Taiwan Textile 1ndustry Co., Ltd. that the company is planning to work with DuPont and Qiling technology, another Taiwan enterprise, to jointly develop new environmentally friendly and energy-saving yarn. 1t is understood that this will be one of the most important cooperation between DuPont and Taiwan textile industry in recent years

it is understood that not long ago, DuPont reorganized the textile sector in Taiwan. 1n April this year, DuPont set up a marketing department in Taiwan, and began to promote Sorona, an environmental friendly textile material refined from corn, to the top ten shoes and clothing brands in the mainland, such as Li Ning, Anta and qipilang. The market reaction was optimistic. This makes DuPont and Taiwan textile enterprises more confident in the market prospect

at the Beijing Sports Expo in May this year, Chen ronger, general manager of DuPont applied biotechnology group in Asia Pacific region, said that Taiwan’s textile industry has ranked the top in the world in terms of drawing and weaving technology. Seeing the competitiveness of Taiwan’s textile industry in the middle and upper reaches and the cross-strait economic integration behind ECFA, DuPont decided to further strengthen cooperation with Taiwan businessmen, Joint development and production of new textile materials, into the mainland market

“after the signing of ECFA, the cross-strait cooperation will be closer, which will increase the market space of Taiwan cloth factories. At the same time, the mainland has publicly promised to promote carbon dioxide emission reduction. At present, almost all shoes and clothing brand clothing enterprises in the mainland plan to launch some products made of environment-friendly fabrics, and the market size can be imagined. Next, we will continue to increase efforts to develop and produce new textiles, and sell them to brand customers in industrial clusters. Quanzhou is the target market that we are entering in the near future. ” Chen ronger pointed out that as far as Quanzhou is concerned, DuPont has reached cooperation with many brand enterprises

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