During the epidemic, how to do household cleaning and protection?

It has been nearly three months since the epidemic. At present, the epidemic situation in China is basically stable, but we cannot relax. On this battlefield without gunpowder smoke, our country and people have demonstrated a high degree of responsibility and supreme cohesion. The epidemic is the order, and prevention and control are the responsibility.
During this special period, it is very necessary to clean and protect the home, regardless of whether the home is isolated or not.

Simply put together the following six key points of family protection.
1. Keep the home ventilated, ventilate at least 2-3 times a day, not less than 30 minutes each time, and keep warm when ventilating. If ventilation is inconvenient or the air quality is poor, the air purifier can be turned on to ensure air circulation in the home and improve air quality.
2. During the epidemic, if you are staying at home and have not come into contact with outsiders or objects, there is no need for extensive daily disinfection. If you need to go out, wash your hands in time after returning, keep your home clean, and regularly disinfect the doorknobs, living room, wash basin, toilet, switch and other daily contact places (once 2-3 days). Under normal circumstances, there is no need to sterilize items, avoid gatherings with family and friends or walking around.
3. When visiting guests with unknown health conditions at home, they must be ventilated in time, and at the same time, they must be disinfected. The disinfectant should be configured in accordance with the instruction manual. After disinfecting for more than 15 minutes, wipe with clean water to remove the residue. Wash cups, tableware, etc. with detergent first, then boil for 15 minutes, or use a disinfection cupboard for disinfection, and wash hands promptly after disinfection.
4. Various cleaning equipment can be used for home protection, such as using a garment steamer to disinfect clothes at high temperature. (High temperature disinfection for more than 30 minutes)
5. After a patient appears in the home, actively cooperate with professionals from the disease prevention and control agency to complete the terminal disinfection treatment, and continue to maintain daily household hygiene.
6. The bedding clothes need to be exposed to the sun every day, and the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun are used for sterilization. In case of rainy days, the dryer can be used for high-temperature drying, which also has the effect of disinfection and sterilization.
In addition, when it comes to household cleaning, I would like to remind everyone, are your home appliances clean?
Air conditioners, water heaters and other appliances have not been cleaned for a long time. After years of use, there will be a lot of dirt inside. The pollution may make you unbelievable. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will not only affect the use of home appliances, but also may cause safety problems.

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