Dust and gas prevention Chongqing shoemaking mine and other industries to carry out safety improvement

The training rate of the persons in charge and workers in the key enterprises with occupational hazards is more than 90%; We will comprehensively promote enterprises in key industries to carry out “occupational health infrastructure construction of employing units”, start to cover more than 80%, more than 70% of enterprises have reached the qualified level of infrastructure construction, and cultivate more than 100 municipal “occupational health infrastructure demonstration enterprises”. This is the goal of Chongqing occupational safety and health supervision in 2014

according to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of work safety, the key points of occupational safety and health supervision in 2014 will be to comprehensively promote the in-depth development of occupational health supervision by focusing on the employer’s occupational health infrastructure construction and the special rectification of dust and gas prevention in key industries

carry out “employer occupational health infrastructure construction” activities in key industries. Key industries include: wood furniture (door industry) manufacturing, shoe (leather), non coal mining and processing, asbestos products production and use, building materials production and processing (cement, stone, ceramics, glass, coatings, refractories, etc.), metal smelting, mechanical (mechanical and electrical) manufacturing and processing, chemical products production, textile, printing and dyeing, lead-acid battery production Automobile 4S shop (repair shop), thermal power generation, urban water supply production or sewage treatment, paper making, grain and oil processing, instrument manufacturing, electronic products manufacturing, rubber or plastic products production and processing and other key industries that produce more dust and toxic and harmful substances

more than 80% of the enterprises that start the construction of occupational health infrastructure should be covered, and more than 70% of the enterprises should reach the qualified level of infrastructure by the end of the year; The coverage of infrastructure construction started by key enterprises of the central government in Chongqing and the city should reach more than 90%, and more than 80% of enterprises should reach the qualified level of infrastructure construction by the end of the year. All districts and counties should cultivate and establish more than two “demonstration enterprises of occupational health infrastructure construction” in key industries (one in subordinate enterprises of key enterprises of Chongqing and municipal government) to play a role of demonstration and guidance. Before the end of November, the Municipal Bureau of work safety will carry out spot checks on the infrastructure construction of key enterprises in Chongqing and under the municipal government of all districts and counties, and the central government, and evaluate and accept the “demonstration enterprises of occupational health infrastructure construction”

for “five key industries” including wood furniture (door industry) manufacturing, shoe (leather), non coal mining and processing, building materials production and processing, metal smelting and mechanical (electromechanical) manufacturing, etc; As well as cement production, stone processing enterprises to carry out in-depth key industries, “dust and gas” special rectification. The key contents of the rectification are as follows: focusing on dust prevention and gas prevention, focusing on “paying attention to training, attaching warning, wearing protection, conducting physical examination, adjusting layout, improving technology, installing facilities, and controlling dust and poison”. The cement should be protected and renovated in the links of packaging, crushing, loading and transportation; Stone processing enterprises should change the process from dry processing to wet processing, and strengthen the wearing of personal protective equipment and occupational health examination

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