Dust generation and dust prevention measures in furniture factory

Dust pollution is another major source of pollution in furniture factories. 1n the process of wood cutting, surface processing, sanding, edge leveling and other operations, a large number of sawdust and wood powder will be produced. All kinds of wood chips, chips and filaments produced by planer and milling machine belong to large-scale wood dust; The sawdust produced by various sawing machines and drilling machines belongs to medium-sized wood dust; The wood dust produced by various Sanders is fine wood dust. 1n addition, dust pollution is more serious in the production and processing workshops of artificial stone countertops such as cabinets

harm of dust

in 8h, when the average dust concentration in the workshop is lower than 1 (mg / m3), it is harmless to human body; when the concentration is in the range of 1-3 (mg / m3), it has certain harm; when the concentration is higher than 3 (mg / m3), it has great harm, and the maximum allowable value is 10 (mg / m3) Artificial stone workshop can not meet this requirement

dust will not directly hurt people, but it will cause great harm to respiratory tract, eyes and other organs. Dust with particle size larger than 10 μ m stays in the air for a short time, which can be effectively blocked in the respiratory tract and does not enter the alveoli. However, because wood dust contains wood tar, which is composed of various phenols and hydrocarbons, and contains carcinogenic substances. 1n the long run, some workers will suffer from bronchitis, asthma and emphysema, Even carcinogenic. Wood flour with particle size less than 10 microns can directly enter human lung tissue and precipitate in alveoli, which may cause chronic fibrosis of lung tissue, and even lead to a series of diseases such as pulmonary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. And these inhalable substances will bring a variety of pollutants or bacteria into the lungs, which is very harmful to human body. Dust will cause injury and affect normal operation if it bounces or flies into people’s eyes. 1n addition, wood dust is one of the most dangerous flammable materials, which is easy to cause fire. 1n addition, suspended dust will increase the abnormal wear and tear of production equipment, shorten the service life of the equipment, increase the maintenance cost, and thus have an important impact on the output and economic benefits of enterprises

dust control measures

industry experts suggest that in order to fundamentally eliminate dust pollution, it is necessary to take the route of comprehensive treatment, starting from the production equipment, select advanced and reasonable mechanical equipment, supplemented by certain dust control and dust removal measures. But under the current conditions, the most effective measure is to choose dust removal equipment. The selection of dust removal equipment should consider the purification degree required by the operation site and the nature of dust. For large and medium-sized wood dust can be collected on site in time, while for the most harmful fine wood dust, the traditional effective method is to use pneumatic dust collection device or bag dust collection equipment to collect< 1t is worth noting that small factories which are not qualified to install large-scale dust collection equipment at present can attach single machine dust collection and dust collection devices to the machine tool itself, which can also achieve better results. For the sake of safety, operators should wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect their eyes and respiratory organs, especially those who operate on the machine tools that produce fine wood dust should wear large masks to prevent dust damage China labor insurance net

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