Dust hit disposable masks sell well in Lanzhou

1n order to reduce the harm of dust on the body, the citizens have put on masks, especially the number of disposable medical masks has increased significantly, so that disposable medical masks are hot-selling. The reporter interviewed many pharmacies in the city and found that some pharmacies have been out of stock

Lanzhou city is shrouded in dust, and there are more people wearing masks on the streets. 1n addition to ordinary white masks, many people also wear special PM2.5 masks. Jinchang Road, a drugstore sales staff told reporters, from 8:30 in the morning began to work, there have been people come to buy masks, at present, the remaining masks in the shop has been less than 50. At 11 am that day, when the reporter came to a drugstore on Minzhu West Road, the clerk told the reporter that the masks had been sold out and were being transferred from other places. 1n a pharmacy on Baiyin Road, the reporter learned that the mask has been bought by the public

compared with the hot sales of masks, the sales of air purifiers have not changed much

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how to choose a dust mask to prevent dust in dusty weather

how to choose a dust mask to effectively protect our health in dusty weather

Chen Shaohua, director of internal medicine of Lanzhou integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, said that when people choose masks, they should choose masks with good air permeability. At the same time, they should drink more water to keep the humidity of their living environment

SUN Xiaolan, senior technician of Lanzhou sanitary materials factory, suggested that the public had better buy activated carbon masks, which added a layer of activated carbon paper on the premise of the original three-layer non-woven filter paper, so as to better improve the effect of filtering dust bacteria. When choosing a mask, you should hold the mask in your hand and stick it on your face facing out. 1f you find that it is hairy and not glossy, this kind of mask is made of unhygienic non-woven fabric. This kind of mask is unhygienic and not dustproof. Specifically speaking, the choice of masks should follow the principle of “one look, two touch, three smell and four wear”. A look: to see if the face is glossy, whether there is no broken hair. Second touch: touch whether the whole mask is soft and smooth, not rough. Three smell: smell whether there is a peculiar smell, from the cloth surface to the ear band, you need to smell it. Four wear: wear feel whether bound ears, nose tip and face itching

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