Dust mask should be worn for fine operation of powdered activated carbon particles

Powdered activated carbon has a good application in the treatment of sudden odor and industrial pollutants in water. When using powdered activated carbon, adsorption test must be carried out according to the type and concentration of pollutants to be removed to determine the type of activated carbon and the amount of powdered carbon required. Before adding powdered activated carbon, the carbon powder should be made into carbon slurry and added into water quantitatively and evenly. The longer the contact time is, the better the effect of removing pollution is. 1n the process of Using PAC, we should pay attention to the following safety problems; When the dust concentration reaches a certain proportion, it is easy to explode in case of open fire, so smoking, sparks and open fire are prohibited in the operation room; Avoid mixing with oxidant; Due to the small and light particles of powdered activated carbon, attention should be paid to dust pollution when using it. Operators should be equipped with dust masks to avoid inhalation into lungs

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