Dust masks appear in the gift show

Beijing has suffered severe haze since March 16. At the 33rd China Beijing 1nternational Gifts, gifts and household products exhibition held on March 17, the reporter noticed that there was a rare product in the exhibition professional protective mask. Obviously, with the increase of haze weather and the enhancement of people’s awareness of protection, masks have become an indispensable part of people’s daily necessities. With the improvement of China’s industrial level, there are national brands in the field of professional protective masks in China, that is, Zhongti Beili professional protective masks

Zhongti by power is a famous brand of health products in Hong Kong, China. 1n recent years, the company’s products have entered the international market, exported to South Korea, France, Germany, Singapore, North America and other countries

the appearance of the professional protective mask is designed in strict accordance with the facial curve to ensure that people are comfortable to wear and there is no leakage around. 1t is composed of multi-layer high-tech materials, in which a negative oxygen ion layer and an activated carbon fiber layer are specially added, which can improve the vital capacity and the oxygen content in the body, and avoid the phenomenon of the wearer’s poor breathing; The activated carbon fiber layer can efficiently absorb particles and harmful gases to ensure the wearer to breathe pure air

the experiments of authoritative institutions have proved that the professional protective mask of China Tiberi can effectively protect against PM2.5, avian influenza, SARS and other viruses. After testing by the national authoritative department, its functional indicators are far greater than the American Standard, and it is really the world’s top professional protective mask

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