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Lying in bed late at night, the stress of career and the annoying things in life entangled my mind. The whistle of cars on the road, the snoring of partners, even the sound of heartbeats and the “ticking” of alarm clocks became extremely harsh.
Turning on the phone between tossing and turning, scrolling through the messages, exhausted his energy, and finally fell asleep until he couldn’t open his eyes. At this time, you need a noise-shielding earplug, which may give you a sweet and pure night.
About earplugs, you may still have many small details that you don’t know, let’s take a look!

1. How to use foam earplugs
1. Wash your hands and rub the earplugs with your thumb, index finger and middle finger (do not squeeze).
2. Use the other hand to go around the head and pinch the upper part of the ear, and pull the ear outward to open the ear canal.
3. After the ear canal is opened, quickly put the rounded part of the earplug into the ear, leaving enough part outside the ear to facilitate the removal of the earplug.
4. The correct wearing of earplugs should be 1/2 to 3/4 of the earplugs should be inserted into the ear canal.
2. How to use silicone earplugs
1. Pinch the stem of the earplugs tightly with your fingers.
2. With one hand around the head, pinch the upper part of the ear and pull the ear up and out to open the ear canal.
3. Insert the round part of the earplug into the ear, leaving the stem of the earplug outside the ear.
3. Precautions for wearing earplugs
1. When inserting all kinds of earplugs, you must first put the earplug handle, gently push the earplug cap part into the outer ear canal, and make the earplug body and earshell as much as possible The cavity fits well. But don’t push too hard, too quickly, or too deeply, so far as you feel moderate.
2. When you feel bad sound insulation after wearing, you can turn the earplugs slowly to adjust to the best position. If the effect is still not good after counter-investigation, you should consider switching to other models and specifications of earplugs for repeated trials, and choosing the appropriate type for use.
3. When wearing foam earplugs, the cylinder should be rolled into a cone and then inserted into the ear canal to allow the plug body to rebound by itself and fill the ear canal.
4. Wearing silicone rubber self-formed earplugs, you should distinguish between the left and right plugs, and you can’t make mistakes; when inserting the external ear canal, you should turn it to the correct position so that it is close to the concha cavity.
Four. What to pay attention to when removing the noise-proof earplugs
1. When removing the earplugs, rotate the earplugs by hand.
2. Slowly turn the earplugs out of the ear canal, and never pull the earplugs out of the ear canal quickly and directly. Details>>
Five. How often do the earplugs be changed?
The earplugs made of foam materials cannot be cleaned. The service period is about 2 weeks, and then replace the earplugs with new ones.
The other kind of silica gel material can be washed and used repeatedly, and the service period is about one year.
6. How long can you wear soundproof earplugs for a long time?
If you wear wax earplugs for a long time, your ears will feel swelling and painful, and it is not hygienic. The wax may remain in the ear canal, so it cannot be used for a long time.
Sponge earplugs can be worn every day, or when sleeping.
The material of silica gel is relatively hard. It has a small chance of being completely compatible with different types of adult ear canals. It cannot effectively achieve long-term comfort and quietness. If it does not conform to the wall of the ear curve, it will cause ear pain, redness and swelling, and it is impossible to plug it into long-term use.
7. Can the soundproof earplugs be washed?
The earplugs should be cleaned or replaced after a period of use.
Sponge earplugs generally cannot be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the rebound effect of the earplugs. It is best to replace them after two weeks of use. They cannot be used for a long time. Generally speaking, sponge earplugs are disposable. But with the development of science, there are also some sponge earplugs on the market that can be used repeatedly for more than half a year and can be scrubbed. When buying and using, you should look at the instructions for use.
Silicone earplugs can be cleaned, and the frequency of repeated use will be higher, and the use period is about one year.
8. How to clean the silicone earplugs
1. Soap water: Take a small piece of soap, melt it with warm water, then use a cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of solution to wipe the earplugs, and finally dry it with a dry towel.
2. Toothpaste: squeeze out a little toothpaste, mix a small amount of water, then wipe a small amount with a cotton cloth, and finally dry it with a dry towel.
3. Alcohol: Put alcohol on cotton, wipe the earplugs, and finally air dry.

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