Earplugs are required when wooden doors are exposed to noise

1n recent years, the development of wooden door market is becoming more and more mature, but environmental protection has always been the concern of enterprises and consumers. Recently, the media frequently explodes the event of formaldehyde exceeding the standard of wooden door, which makes the majority of consumers panic. Formaldehyde products produced by wooden door enterprises not only harm the health of consumers, but also bring occupational diseases to wooden door operators. According to experts, in the production process of wooden doors, a large amount of dust and noise will be produced in the three processes of cutting, processing and polishing; Due to the use of organic solvents, the three processes of panel assembly, spray painting and air painting will emit a lot of chemical poisons. Long term employees working in such an environment, not only physical injury, but also affect mental health

in the face of health problems of operators in some wooden door enterprises, liuxiyuan has practiced it, consciously abided by the business ethics of integrity and responsibility, provided a healthy and safe working environment for employees, and comprehensively protected the physical and mental health of employees from three aspects: production process, coating selection and enterprise employee training

select natural logs to optimize from the source

log doors are favored by consumers for their good texture, environmental protection, thick and other characteristics, especially in the high-end home decoration product market. As a result, many businesses in the market under the banner of “authentic original wooden door” hope to have a share in the original wooden door market. However, these so-called genuine wooden doors are in fact changing the world, using the fake as the real: using the solid wood as the log, using the door frame, door line, door panel and door brace as the finger door, and only using the log in the local position. 1t is reported that these door core plywood and veneer must be spliced with adhesive, but the use of a large number of chemicals will release toxic gases, affecting the health of workers

in the past five years, liuxiyuan has forged a unique quality legend in the industry, which embodies the essence of original wooden door manufacturing in every part of the product. 1n terms of material selection, liuxiyuan adheres to the use of natural environment-friendly wood, selects valuable and big wood from Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places, and ensures the environmental protection of materials from the source. The door frame, door line, door panel, door brace and other parts are made of logs, there is no veneering process, and the amount of glue used is very small, so as to reduce the emission of chemical poisons and ensure the health of operators

perfect green paint, dust-free high atomization spray

in addition, wood door painting, as the post production process of wood door, directly affects the final use effect of wood door. Liuxiyuan uses the most ideal PU paint. PU paint not only has the advantages of thick film, strong adhesion and good transparent layer of polyester paint, but also has good sealing performance. 1t also plays a very important role in moisture-proof of original wooden doors. The hardness, durability, yellowing resistance and environmental protection of PU paint are incomparable with other paints. 1n addition, liuxiyuan adopts a modern dust-free workshop to ensure no dust particles after painting. The spray gun is imported from Germany. At present, it is the most advanced spray gun in the wooden door industry. The atomization function of the spray nozzle is good, and it can contact with the air well, so as to achieve the condition of full combustion, save fuel and avoid carbon deposition

perfect staff training

according to the survey, most of the people engaged in wooden door work now come from rural areas, and their cultural level is not high. However, in order to achieve high-speed production benefits, some wooden door enterprises ignore the skill training of employees, resulting in accidents due to unskilled workers. 1t is understood that in the early stage of his employment, Xiao Zhiqiang, general manager, personally conducted an enthusiastic training for each employee. 1n addition to various types of training programs on industry knowledge, general quality, leadership and innovation ability, a complete set of mentoring system has also been established. New employees have their own exclusive tutors. These measures are carefully arranged to provide a learning platform for employees to quickly learn post skills. 1n addition, during the production of products, employees must wear masks and earplugs when exposed to noise, so as to prevent harmful gases from entering the human body

nowadays, more and more wooden door enterprises pay attention to the research and development of green products. Energy saving and environmental protection is an eternal topic of market development, but “green” should not only be limited to products, production environment also needs green. Only when the working environment is good, more people are willing to engage in the wooden door industry, and reducing environmental pollution is the social responsibility and obligation of enterprises. 1n fact, only green from the inside out can achieve real sustainable development

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