East Asia gloves: Vice General Manager Yu Jie won the title of “2016 excellent professional manager of Zhejiang Province”

“A new starting point, a new opportunity and a new breakthrough”

“the tide makers stand up to the waves and keep the red flag wet.”. Zhejiang entrepreneurs are demonstrating China’s strength to the world in the spirit of G20 Hangzhou summit with “innovation, vitality, linkage and inclusiveness” as the core

start again. Zhejiang entrepreneurs bravely set the tide, innovate and develop, and lead the new voyage of Zhejiang economy

“2016 Zhejiang enterprise leaders summit and entrepreneur activity day” was held in Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel on October 26. At the meeting, the second provincial industrial award was commended; The 15th provincial outstanding entrepreneur and 2016 provincial outstanding professional manager were commended; Release the list of top 100 enterprises and excellent industrial products in 2016, and issue certificates; Commending the innovative achievements of the modernization of enterprise management in Guangdong Province

“excellent professional managers in Zhejiang Province”

a total of 10 “outstanding professional managers in Zhejiang Province” and 31 “excellent professional managers in Zhejiang Province” were commended in this conference. Among them, Yu Jie, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Dongya glove factory, vice president of Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association, won the title of “2016 Zhejiang excellent professional manager”

professional managers have become indispensable resources for modern enterprise operation, and are the backbone of enterprise management. They activate and maintain the vitality of the enterprise with their superior decision-making and innovation ability

strong enterprising spirit, innovative consciousness, risk-taking spirit, competitive impulse, perseverance, self-confidence and decisiveness are the essential personality characteristics of professional managers

the basic standards of professional managers are the ability of insight, decision-making, organization and coordination, the ability to know people well, the ability to employ people well, rich social experience and good professional ethics

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