Eight professional advantages of blue sky and sea

Anti static tooling is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, coal, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electric power, automobile, environmental sanitation, public transportation, cement and other special occasions, to prevent property losses caused by flammable and explosive accidents caused by static electricity, and to undertake the occupational safety protection mission of industrial workers. As the only tooling fabric supplier in China that only does anti-static or anti-static + other functions, lantianhai enterprise is also the largest supplier of anti-static tooling fabric in China. 1t is responsible for the permanent stability of the anti-static performance of tooling fabric. With the support of relevant units and experts, through the efforts of lantianhai people in the past 20 years, it has been exploring and summarizing, 1t has formed the unique “eight professional advantages” of blue sky and sea to inherit the excellent quality of “Lanxiang” and other series of brand fabrics with stable anti-static performance, and is the first move for the enterprise to create an expert enterprise in the industrial textile industry(1) 1n 1995, since the establishment of the enterprise, it has taken “safety, health and comfort for industrious and intelligent industrial workers” as the enterprise mission, which has been strictly implemented, and made efforts to improve the stability of anti-static performance of enterprise products in many aspects(2) Professional anti-static fabric production license since 2003, “Lanxiang” and other series of brand fabrics have been recognized by the national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center(3) Professional R & D Center for special fabrics in 2010, the enterprise and Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences jointly built the R & D Center for special fabrics of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, becoming one of the few scientific and technological enterprises in China integrating R & D and sales of functional tooling fabrics(4) Professional product performance testing and supervision 1. The antistatic performance of fabric is entrusted to the national textile product quality supervision and 1nspection Center for testin2. The conductive material performance of fabric is supervised by Jiangsu Textile Research 1nstitute 3 The antistatic performance of fabric is supervised by the special fabric R & D center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences (5) professional antistatic fabric production standard enterprises have formulated the unique “eight production requirements for antistatic tooling fabric” of blue sky sea for the selection of conductive fiber, cotton, staple fiber and other raw materials, spinning, doubling, weaving, printing and dyeing, storage and other production processes of antistatic fabric(6) Professional anti-static fabric function insurance

blue sky sea is the only company that P1CC provides quality assurance insurance for its fabric anti-static performance(7) 1n 2010, the professional standard drafting unit became the main drafting unit of the national standard GB / t23464-2009 protective clothing wool knitted clothing. 1n the same year, the enterprise and Shanghai textile industry supervision institute participated in the drafting of the industrial standard conductive polyester draft yarn(8) Professional brand protection in order to avoid the counterfeiting and infringement of “Lanxiang” brand, each batch of “Lanxiang” anti-static tooling fabric sold is issued with a “product certificate” jointly identified and recognized by blue sky sea and the people’s property insurance company of China. To establish an expert enterprise is an effective measure to participate in the market competition under the knowledge economy, and it is also the need of the current social professional division of labor. The implementation should start from the specialization of enterprise products. The introduction and implementation of “eight professional advantages” of blue sky sea will provide professional guarantee for the stability of antistatic performance of “Lanxiang” brand tooling fabrics, 1t has laid a foundation for the blue sky sea to create an expert enterprise of anti-static safety protective fabrics

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