Eight skills for labor insurance association to participate in the exhibition

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to participate in various exhibitions, which is called showing sales skills. At present, there are more and more exhibitions in the labor protection industry, and the scale is also growing. The most outstanding domestic labor protection exhibitions are the China Labor Protection Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Labor Protection Fair”) which is mainly supported by the Ministry of Commerce and sponsored by China Textile Business Association. After years of hard work, the labor insurance association has become a large-scale and influential trade exhibition in the industry, known as the “wind vane” and “barometer” of the industry. The labor insurance association is held twice a year in spring in Shanghai, which is a prosperous place for trade and circulation; Autumn is held in turn all over the country to promote the promotion and development of individual protection industry in different regions. So if you want to engage in exhibition sales, you should first choose an appropriate exhibition

first of all, you have to choose the scale of the exhibition

if you are a small-scale manufacturer, and the exhibition is attended by world-class manufacturers and attracts large customers, not your target customers, then you should consider whether you want to participate in this kind of exhibition. 1t’s like taking part in the world-class heavyweight boxing competition. You also sign up. You stand beside others. They ar2.1 meters tall, 150 kg, and you are more than 60 kg. The power gap is too big. So you’re going to see what your goal is? 1f your goal is to find potential customers, you need to analyze whether your potential customers will come? Every year, the labor insurance association will invite and attract visitors at different levels. Both large-scale manufacturers and relatively small manufacturers can find their own target customers in the labor insurance association< First, we should study the customer psychology of the exhibition; The second is the preparation of being a good person, time, place, material and money; The third is formation; Fourth, looking for potential customers; Fifth, product introduction skills; Sixth, improve the recognition of exhibits and follow-up after the meeting Second, we should be fully prepared for good people, time, place, material and money Third, we need to organize what is this group for? 1t can be divided into several parts. For example, there are people who collect information. For an exhibition, almost all competitors and the upstream and downstream of the industry will come together, so it is a very important opportunity for you to collect information about the whole industry. Another example: there are people who make friends. Sometimes they ask experts to give lectures, officials to cut ribbon and talk, industry managers, peers, upstream suppliers, downstream, media friends and government friends. Therefore, peers need to make a few friends, the same category needs to make a few friends, and members of the association need to make friends, We have to think about it Fourth, look for potential customers who are your potential customers? How many potential customers are you going to collect? Of course, it can’t be said that the more the better. You have to set a target quantity so that you can consider how many people to take? How much information do you have? At the scene, you have to distinguish which are potential customers and which are visitors? What questions do potential customers usually ask? Who will be assigned to receive potential customers. The first is to prepare a large amount of information, which everyone has; Second, it’s important to keep it well. Otherwise, if you rush up, there will be no business card and no information. So protect your resources fifthly, product introduction for those who are interested in talking, if you think you have an opportunity to hold it, just sit down and have a talk. At this time, you should give them complete information. For potential customers, you should try every means to let them leave information. How can you leave information? Have skills. What does everyone like? For example, if you leave your business card and fill in the information, you will have a chance to win the prize< Sixth, expand brand awareness in order to standardize purchasing behavior and avoid improper human activities, large enterprises adopt bidding method in addition to public relations, small and medium-sized enterprises must also join the bidding ranks to strive for good projects and good users. Bidding is the general trend of course, the popularity is reflected in the level of the exhibition you attend; 1n addition to the booth, it has something to do with the dress of your staff and your gifts. Try to impress others on your brand. Such as gifts, he will not litter, will keep. 1n the past, when computers were booming, many manufacturers gave away mice, and the package was his website and a brief introduction of the company. Since customers are reluctant to throw it away, they can put it there and watch it every day. Sending different things can increase brand awareness and rendering. 1t’s a good exercise for your employees to go out to participate in the exhibition, which can increase their knowledge, but it’s really necessary to make up a good team seventh, we should consider everything and strive for everything it’s very tiring to attend the exhibition, so you need to find a good time and place to eat, where the toilet is, and where you live. 1n addition, you should not neglect who is in charge of the traffic and all aspects of the arrangement. 1n a word, you should be good at participating in exhibitions. Even if the stalls are beautiful, the others are weak and do not give full play to the multi-level nature. 1t takes a lot of time and effort to attend an exhibition eighth, follow up after the meeting according to the effective data after the meeting, you should pay attention to that if you collect 400 customer information, generally speaking, you will forget and lose excitement soon after attending the meeting, three to five days, two weeks at most. So you have to follow up in five days. One person can make ten calls a day, so you have to give the list to the salesperson. 1f there are local customers going to the exhibition, you should make time to visit them. So the follow-up after the meeting is also very important some customers: (Dunwang Technology Group) booth No.: T27 (Shanghai name1) booth No.: A72 (Tianjin Shuangan, Langfang Jiangang) booth No.: T31 (Chaomei daily chemical) booth No.: T29 (Taizhou Guotai) booth No.: A53 strategic partner sales skills the last skill, 1t’s called strategic partner sales skills. This is the highest level of customer relationship management, which is to establish a long-term partnership. There is a motive point in this, which is to let the customers share the benefits there are several ways to share benefits: one is that as long as old customers have discounts, or discounts, which is the simplest. Another way is to take some accumulated points. Some companies use the accumulated points to give back some preferential treatment to the amount of consumption they have accumulated. There is also a kind of product that everyone cooperates to develop. For it, we should specially design a scheme, a style, a series, and a mold, which should have specificity. Let’s cooperate to develop. We can also cooperate or joint venture to carry out some projects. These are long-term strategic partnerships, which can be gradually extended in many ways. We need to have a cooperation, which may be where the deeper relationship lies. These ideas and methods are to create more added value for customers

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