Electrician is in a coma due to heatstroke during high temperature operation. Fortunately, he is wearing safety rope to protect his life

A few days ago, on a high-voltage power pole near a construction site in Zhanqian District of Chizhou City, a staff member of an electric power company fainted at the top of a 10 meter high power pole after working at 37 ℃ for three hours

when the rescuers arrived at the scene, they saw a 40 year old electrician sitting limply on the beam at the top of a high-voltage pole, leaning against the pole and in a coma. A worker nearby was taking care of him. Fire officers and soldiers quickly climbed to the top of the pole, fixed the trapped with safety rope, put on life-saving sling, installed pulley on the top of the pole, and slowly put the trapped to the ground with rope. Finally, the electrician trapped for more than an hour was rushed to the hospital

it is reported that at 10 a.m., Mr. Zhang, a trapped electrician, and his colleagues came to the main urban area of Chizhou City to repair the electric circuit. At noon, in the scorching sun, Mr. Zhang, who was working at height, suddenly suffered from heatstroke and fell into a coma. Fortunately, he was tied with a safety rope and did not fall(China labor insurance net)

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