Electromagnetic wave is everywhere. 1s it harmful to human body?

Recently, a popular science essay on electromagnetic wave was published in the French Journal of future science. The article points out that electromagnetic wave is everywhere in life, and is it harmful to human body? After the popularity of mobile phones, the multiplication of base stations and the launch of 3G, people are paying more and more attention to this issue

as we all know, radio can broadcast, television can broadcast pictures, mobile phones can communicate, and satellite space communication can be realized, all of which are due to the existence of electromagnetic waves. Radar, microwave ovens, wireless networks and X-rays are also operated by electromagnetic waves. The scope of electromagnetic wave use can be said to have included the whole world

you should know that visible light itself is the component of some type of electromagnetic wave. You may not know that all people are bathed in complex electromagnetic waves. Stars produce radio waves, and our bodies produce very weak radio waves. All the running electrical appliances are emitting electromagnetic waves. Therefore, even if you don’t have a mobile phone, a computer, or a wireless network at home, it doesn’t mean that you are out of touch with electromagnetic waves. You are still bathed in the environment of electromagnetic waves all the time. To take the simplest example, as long as you turn on the radio, you will find that the radio waves are there, invisible but invisible

the electromagnetic wave world is omnipresent. There are long wave, short wave, high-energy wave, low-energy wave, strong wave, microwave, visible, invisible, and invisible electromagnetic wave is far more than visible wave. Every kind of electromagnetic wave is actually a kind of energy, its volume is equal to zero, but it is loaded with electricity, called quantum, and moves at the speed of light in vibration. Electromagnetic waves impact the ubiquitous electromagnetic atmosphere in the universe. These small quanta can be called photons in the world of light. People define them in terms of intensity, wavelength and frequency. The wavelength is a bit like a human step. 1t can be as short as a billionth of a meter or as long as several million kilometers. Frequency can be compared with respiration or heart rate. The larger the “step” of electromagnetic wave, the lower its frequency

in fact, the wavelengths of all the electromagnetic waves we use are much longer than the wavelengths of light. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the electromagnetic waves we use are very dangerous. But the so-called electromagnetic wave danger is not dangerous, in fact, all depends on the distance between you and it, as well as its strength

here are some small examples of life. 1t’s hard to say which one is more harmful to human body, electric razor or mobile phone. An electric razor generates much stronger electromagnetic waves than a mobile phone. However, you can shave once or twice a day at most, so it has little effect. The harm of mobile phones is still controversial. However, telecom health experts usually advise people not to hang their mobile phones on their ears when making calls. 1t is most important to keep a distance between the mobile phone and the body. 1f possible, it is best to have a headset (not Bluetooth, because the electromagnetic wave intensity used by Bluetooth technology is far greater than that generated by ordinary mobile phones)

pay attention to electromagnetic wave and healthy life

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