Emergency measures for hand injury in labor


hand injuries can be classified into physical injury (fire and high temperature, low temperature, electromagnetic and ionizing radiation, electric shock), chemical injury (chemical corrosion), mechanical injury (impact, stab, contusion, bite, tear, cut, scratch) and biological injury (local infection). Among them, mechanical injury is the most common

hand burns (sometimes accompanied by burns in other parts) can be caused by fire, red body, hot air flow, chemicals or electric shock. The degree of injury depends on the contact time, burn area and depth. Because of the frequent occurrence of this kind of injury, sometimes it may be very serious, it has become a special injury in industrial accidents

mechanical injury is the most common, and the consequences of electric shock and radiation injury are serious, so people have certain vigilance to it. Safety management departments also pay more attention to such potential accidents. However, the hazards of exposure to toxic, irritating or allergic chemicals are often not recognized by most people. Although this kind of chemical injury has no trauma, the skin damage caused by it can not be ignored. 1t is one of the three major ways of occupational poisoning

employees with repeated minor hand injuries may suffer from a disease called dupertren’s contracture, which is characterized by palmar aponeurosis and can worsen and cause irrecoverable finger bending. This disease may be caused by many factors (trauma, neurological disorders, endocrine disorders, rheumatism and vitamin E deficiency, etc.). Recent studies have shown that occupational factors are an important cause of the disease. Chronic inflammation and interstitial hemorrhage caused by repeated minor hand injuries, vibration caused by pneumatic tools and hand-held electric tools are the causes of this disease

protective measures

measures to protect hands and arms: first, when designing and manufacturing equipment and tools, full consideration should be given from the perspective of safety protection, and more complete protective measures should be provided

secondly, the occurrence of hand injury can be well controlled by reasonably formulating and improving safety operation procedures and improving safety prevention facilities

in addition to the toxic substances absorbed by the human body through the skin, although some poisons can not be absorbed through the skin, they can adhere to people’s hands. At this time, if you don’t wash your hands, or if you grab fruits and things to eat without disinfection, it is bound to bring these poisons into the digestive tract and into the blood, causing poisoning. Therefore, it is very important to prevent hand injury and occupational poisoning. The specific methods are as follows:


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