employee app versio2.0 goes online

in order to improve the user experience and the management efficiency of enterprise users, after two months of continuous improvement, the employee app system has been officially launched since April 18, 2017. 1t is also hoped that all enterprise users will attach great importance to it

laborer app will continue to provide users with timely industry news, safety knowledge, accident case analysis and other information. After the re launch, due to the need of new functions, enterprises may be required to complete or re-enter some data, which will be notified individually at that time. We sincerely hope that our sincere efforts can be recognized and supported by everyone! There are still some deficiencies in the versio2.0 of the employee app. 1 hope that the majority of users can understand and put forward your valuable opinions at the same time. Let us work together to better serve everyone

workers are online, guarding the last red line of safety production< The improvement points of AP2.0 software are as follows: 1, Record personal query history

Users can log in to the Appstore to download

Android users (the following 10 Android markets can be downloaded):

Baidu market, Tencent app, 91 user market, 360 market, Xiaomi market, pea clip market, Jifeng market, Android Market, muant market

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