employees of Puzhou (power generation) thermal power company change safety helmets to ensure more safety

Recently, Puzhou (power generation) thermal power company, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the supervision and management of labor protection articles, has uniformly replaced the safety helmets expired at the production site, providing protection for the life safety of employees

it is well known that various factors in the work site have a great influence on the service life of safety helmets made of plastics. For those safety helmets that are expired or beyond the effective service life, the strength of impact resistance is greatly reduced, and they are often vulnerable to falling from height or being hit by objects. 1t is of great significance to replace safety helmets in time for safety production. The safety helmet currently used by the company is composed of cap shell, cap liner, lower cheek band and rear hoop. The main purpose of wearing safety helmet for workers on the production site is to prevent objects from hitting and hitting their heads when they step on the air, so as to protect their heads from injury or reduce the degree of head injury

the regular replacement of safety helmets not only reflects the advanced idea of “safety is the basis” in the “6S” management concept, but also establishes the environment and atmosphere of safety production, and increases the safety awareness of employees. When entering the production site, safety helmets must be worn to ensure the safety of employees and prevent the occurrence of personal casualties

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